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Lazy Sunday Morning”, “bubble bath”, “Matcha Meditation” and “By the Fireplace”, names that evoke many intimate memories for the very first collection of home fragrance diffusers from Margiela House.

Inspired by Martin Margiela’s iconic “REPLICA” collection from 1994 and the successful eponymous fragrance collection, launched in 2012, this first collection of home fragrance diffusers from the French luxury house is based on the concept of “fragrant memory”. It offers unique home fragrances that evoke everyday objects and places, such as libraries, hair salons and flower markets, or intimate scenes and moments that leave us with unforgettable memories. And it is in this last category that the first four home fragrances from Maison Margiela fall.

Lazy Sunday Morning” (“Lazy Sunday morning”), “bubble bath” (“Bubble bath”), “Matcha Meditation” (“Matcha Meditation”) and “By the Fireplace” (“Au coin du feu”), so many evocations that bring us to moments of calm, relaxation and peace to feel totally in harmony at home.

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“Lazy Sunday Morning”

The room fragrance nods to the brand’s namesake scent that evokes the soft feel of freshly laundered linen sheets on a sunny morning. On a musky floral base, the memory of fresh sheets is recreated with lily of the valley and white musk while the warmth of the sun translates with seeds of iris and ambrette.

Maison Margiela - Replica Lazy Sunday Morning
Maison Margiela – Lazy Sunday Morning “Replica” Fragrance Diffuser

“Bubble Bath”

Maison Margiela - Replica Perfume Diffuser

The fragrance captures the relaxing memory and the intimate moment of pure well-being, a moment of relaxation in a bath filled with fine bubbles and a pleasant aroma and the scent of clean soap that diffuses gently. The floral scent is created with an accord of soap bubbles and coconut milk, a superessence of rose and white musk.

Maison Margiela - Replica Bubble Bath
Maison Margiela – “Replica” Bubble Bath Fragrance Diffuser

Matcha Meditation

Maison Margiela - Replica Perfume Diffuser

Matcha Meditation” is a fragrance that expresses a moment of peace spent with oneself, at home, on a bright afternoon. After exertion, a moment of comfort with a cup of hot matcha tea whose scents transport you to notes of refreshing bergamot, green tea accord and orange blossom.

Maison Margiela - Replica Matcha Meditation
Maison Margiela – Matcha Meditation “Replica” Fragrance Diffuser

“By the Fireplace”

Maison Margiela - Replica Perfume Diffuser

Warm, woody and sweet, the fragrance evokes the enveloping feeling of a fireplace, with crackling flames, on a cold snowy winter day. The House recreates this comforting atmosphere in the form of a home fragrance with an accord of chestnut, red berries, clove oil and cashmeran that give off a slightly sweet amber woody scent.

Maison Margiela - Replica By the Fireplace
Maison Margiela – “Replica” Fragrance Diffuser By the Fireplace

Each diffuser comes with 8 sticks. By changing the number of sticks, it is possible to adjust the diffusion of the perfume. Each diffuser lasts approximately 4 months.

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Maison Margiela Unveils Its First Collection Of “Replica” Home Fragrance Diffusers – ESSENTIAL HOMME

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