Lynda Johnson addresses the intense anxiety she was experiencing

Don’t we say “a healthy mind in a healthy body”? For Lynda Johnson, the quest for well-being is lived on all these levels. She has been running for 14 years and, for 4 years, she began to meditate, which brings her great benefits. The actress, who will be Les Guys and who joins the 5th rank cast, delivers some keys to being well in her body and in her head.

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Lynda, we can follow you twice rather than once at the start of the school year.

Yes, I will be from the third and final season of Guys. I also arrive in 5 row, where I play a detective lieutenant who investigates organized crime. It will change the habits of the Valmont police force a little. Everyone has their own method and sometimes some can be questionable. Isabelle will wonder about the operation of the police station. It could break habits.

Is this your first police role?

In effect. Isabelle is far from me in some respects, in that she is a woman of few words. She lets her moods and emotions show very little. She is discreet and introverted. She is always calm, even if we get angry around her. It’s interesting to play, because it requires capacity.

Have you been able to enjoy your summer?

Yes. Along with spring, summer is my favorite season. I love the heat, even if I can’t stand it well! (laughs) I still try to have fun in the winter, skiing, being outdoors… In the summer, unless there is torrential rain, I eat all my meals outside. I’m still outside! I have a yard, flowers, herbs, but I’m not the gardener. If I’m outside, it’s because I practice a sport.

What sports do you do?

I really like running; I started 14 years ago. We have a dog since December 2019. Thank goodness! During the pandemic, I had the right to take it out. It saved me! I went out every day, sometimes even twice a day. Even now, I go out daily. I take long walks. This is an activity that I write down in my diary. If I shoot at 5 am, I can’t go for an early walk, but I might go in the evening. I need this. And running is an outlet for me, it allows me to channel my stress and keep my heart healthy. I don’t think of anything when I run. It is a form of meditation. I also started meditating four years ago. It is a nice complement to the race.

What made you want to take up meditation?

A friend. I honestly had some big prejudices about meditation. For me, someone meditating was just sitting around and doing nothing. I felt it was not for me, because I like to move. I did not see the benefits of this practice. I wasn’t open to that at all. In short, we are three friends who have been celebrating our birthdays together for years. Four years ago Nathalie suggested that instead of going to a restaurant, we take a meditation class with a woman who had worked in neuroscience.

And how did you find that?

I loved my experience! In addition to her approach and her journey, she explained how the brain works and what meditation does to it. It got to my rational side. I need to understand. I appreciated his approach. This day was an initiation. The teacher suggested we do the 40 day challenge, which is 3 minutes of meditation a day for 40 days. Of the three friends, I am the only one who took up the challenge. I put this appointment on the agenda and I have been doing it since day one. I have found guided meditation sites that I like.

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What are the benefits you derive from it?

From space. I feel a quality of presence that I didn’t have before, because I constantly had a thousand things in my head. I felt like I was running in my head, always trailing something. I no longer have that impression at all. And it helps me to be in the present moment. We talk about it a lot, but between saying it and being able to do it, it’s a constant exercise. I feel more calm in the face of life events. I developed a certain ability to remain zen despite the chaos.

How much time do you devote to meditation each day?

No more than 12-15 minutes. I am fairly constant in life and careful in my way of doing things. I like to do things slowly but surely. I don’t think I’m a sprinter, but a marathon runner at heart. I can do some things quickly, but I like to progress in stages.

Consistency is a beautiful quality, particularly difficult to acquire…

True, but it brings more balance. Outside, it’s chaos. Meditating brings me an inner calm that we all have, but I didn’t know how to access it. Some prefer reading. We are all different. We just have to find what suits us.

We have nothing to lose by sitting in silence for three minutes every day…

It’s true! Me, it helped me a lot for my anxiety. I was very anxious, especially when I took the plane. I love to travel, but flying was a big challenge for me. I became anxious to the point where I couldn’t read, eat, or watch a movie. My anxiety level was very high. After a few months of meditation, I got on a plane and saw a big difference. We must take the time to stop to find what can help us. It’s constant work, but meditating only has benefits. In addition, I see that the people around me benefit from it…

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Lynda Johnson addresses the intense anxiety she was experiencing

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