Lili, the well-being app for 4-12 year olds: the opinion of our test families

Parents today are just as concerned about what their children are learning at school as they are about their well-being in the classroom. The Lili application thus offers parents, but also teachers, workshops inspired by Montessori and Freinet pedagogies, to learn self-confidence, orally and with others, at school and at home. The Lili app, already used with 2,000 classes and in more than 20,000 homes, was voted Education Trophy 2021, and chosen by National Education to help teachers in several pilot departments improve the well- be in class with their students from the start of the 2022 school year. We are inviting three families to test it, in order to share their opinion with the readers of Mafamillezen.

What’s on the Lili app?

Because beyond basic learning, it is important today to learn from an early age to adapt, dare to assert oneself in public, and build collectively, Lili has given itself the mission of allowing to the children ofacquire the essential skills to build themselves and to live well together : emotional intelligence, creativity, communication, cooperation and critical thinking.

Much more than an audio app, Lili offers more than 200 fun activities inspired by Montessori and Freinet pedagogies, for children aged 4-12, from kindergarten to college entry: put the phone down or step away from the computer, and listen, meditate, draw, improvise, mime, play, investigate, ask questions, talk in class or with the family… With the Lili app, children will practice meditation and yoga to find calm and focusartistic expression and improvisation for oral funand philosophy, for exercise critical thinking and assert oneself in class. Guided by Lili’s voice and helped by creative printable materials, children learn while having fun!

lili wellness app for children

Lili at school for teachers, Lili at home for parents

The Lili application goes in the direction of co-education, and offers, thanks to two distinct spaces, one dedicated to teachers and the other to parents, educational continuity between school and home.

Lily at schooldesigned by teachers for teachers, offers meditation, yoga, improvisation, philosophy workshops that are easy to set up, in order to help them improve the climate in the classroom by establishing calm, developing concentration, favoring cooperation …

Lily at home, for its part, designed with experts in pedagogy and cognitive sciences, offers parents seven great personalized educational programs to learn confidence at the age when the child is building, to help him overcome his shyness, to to better live one’s emotions, or to assert oneself in a group. These are all essential forces for their well-being and academic success.

Lili can be launched from a mobile or a Tablet by downloading Lili app, or from a computer by connecting to

The rates :
Lily at home: €4.99 monthly subscription, €36 annual subscription
Lily at school: €20 per class for 3 months, €46 per class for 12 months
Premium offers provide unlimited access to workshops and all teaching materials.

Call for tester families to test the Lili application for 2 months

We are looking for three families to test the Lili app at home, with children between 4 and 12 years old. Well, give us a detailed feedback on this experience to help parents who read us get an idea and perhaps make them want to use the application with their children too. To apply, please complete the form below. Selected families will be contacted by email no later than October 5th.

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Lili, the well-being app for 4-12 year olds: the opinion of our test families

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