Launch of the second edition of “Rendez-vous aux jardins”



The second Luxembourg edition of “Rendez-vous aux jardins” will take place from June 3 to 6, 2022. It brings together 39 partners offering 66 events that will revolve around the theme “gardens and climate”. Against the background of the climate emergency, the garden is more than a cultural and social place. It is a place of memory, a friendly place, of meditation. It represents a resource for the renewal of the planet.

Launched in 2018 by HEREIN, a European network for information and cooperation on cultural heritage which brings together European public administrations responsible for national policies and strategies in the cultural heritage sector, some 3,000 gardens will open their doors in June in 20 European countries. . “Discovering the gardens within the framework shared with the member countries of the Council of Europe means pooling on an international level the desire to preserve, protect and conserve them against the backdrop of climate change”, specifies the Minister of Culture.

The “Rendez-vous aux jardins” will be launched on June 2, 2022 at 4 p.m. with a visit to the city park and its casemates near the Amélie monument.

The conservation of natural and cultural heritage is at the heart of this inaugural visit. On June 3 and 5, the art historian Patricia de Zwaef will present the conservation methods of the Colpach park in the face of heavy rains, periods of drought, erosion, tree diseases.

In the park of the old abbey of Echternach, Professor Marc Schoellen will raise awareness (June 3 and 5) of the risks and threats to this natural and historical heritage due to climate change: diseases with dying ashes, box tree moth , impoverishment of the diversity of bird species, invasive animals including Egyptian geese; effect of storms, floods, periods of drought. At Parc Brill in Mamer, a new rose garden will be inaugurated on June 3.

The Mullerthal Regional Tourist Office, Luxembourg’s little Switzerland, invites you to discover this natural and cultural historical heritage (from June 4 to 6) of an exceptional nature in the Grand Duchy.

The City of Luxembourg will exceptionally open (June 3) its sites for the renaturation of the Pétrusse in a site classified by Unesco.

A quality artistic program enriches the Rendez-vous aux jardins 2022: Marco Schank invites to readings in his private garden in Eschdorf; Claudine Als will read excerpts from her book “Resilience, magic potion” in the private gardens Folschette in Schléiwenhaff and Wolff in Helmsange. The rapper “Maz” will perform on June 4 in the evening at the Wiltz garden, while the trumpeters of Chasse Saint-Hubert will parade in a traveling concert through the streets of the old town (June 5).

Those interested will be able to register for educational visits to the Kalborn mill, the Mediterranean garden of Schwebsange, the Haus vun der Natur, the Grendel marsh, the Beckerich mill, while Transit Minette will exceptionally open the Breedewee garden in Esch- sur-Alzette for fun activities around gardening and its environmental impact and Vum Gréis (AMAP) introduces its market gardening and solidarity agriculture (June 4).

The National Museum of Natural History and the Kirchberg Fund will offer tours on biodiversity and medicinal plants at Klosegrëndchen Park. Five private gardens, whose owners are particularly committed to the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and biodiversity, will exceptionally open their doors in Elvange, Schléiwenhaff, Helmsange, Grosbous and Pétange.

The “Rendez-vous aux jardins” will close on June 6 with the Genzefest in Wiltz, this ancient tradition celebrating broom as a characteristic plant of the Ardennes.

Check out the full program at or ask for the agenda at the Ministry of Culture, respectively at the tourist information offices.

Communicated by the Ministry of Culture

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Launch of the second edition of “Rendez-vous aux jardins”

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