Julie Andrieu unpacks everything about her childhood lived with a great French personality

This Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the media program 10 a.m. to noon from Sud Radio invited Julie Andrieu. On this occasion, the food critic made some revelations about his private life. Currently in a relationship with Dr Delajoux, she previously lived with a big name in French cuisine. We tell you everything!

At the microphone of Sud Radio, Julie Andrieu first had to admit if she was watching Top Chef and Master Chef. But the TV host surprised more than one with her answer. ” So that’s a bit of a trick question for me… I’m going to be very honest with you, I don’t watch them!“, she indeed let go.

But she immediately wanted to clarify that it was not because she did not like these shows. Not out of contempt, not at all. Because I find that it is thanks to these programs that cooking is so popular today, especially among young people. And these are really trades where we need new recruits and vocations. The kitchen is trendy and it really wasn’t when I started and it was a brake“, she reveals.

Julie Andrieu: He was really a kind of mentor

And if she didn’t not the reflex“It’s for a good reason. In the evening, I cook, I have dinner with my children and then we read a book and then I put them to bed and I wait for them to fall asleep, because that’s my favorite time of the day, it’s also a form of meditation. All of this brings us to 9:30 p.m. and then I’m working, that’s it, so TV has no place in this.“, says the 48-year-old mother, who is raising two children aged 6 and 9.

But why not become a juror soon? It was never offered to me. Maybe if I was offered it I would say yes, why not. I would have more legitimacy in Master Chef which I believe is sure of the cuisine of enlightened amateurs, rather than in Top Chef (with professionals, Editor’s note) but at the same time I did 10 years of gastronomic criticism, so there you go! »thus recognizes the companion of Doctor Delajoux.

“He was not doing TV or radio at that time. »

And long before her life with Dr Delajoux, Julie Andrieu lived with… Jean-Pierre Coffe!We liked each other a lot, he was really a kind of mentor and godfather for me, she began by paying homage to him. He’s someone we haven’t replaced, I don’t think, in his outspokenness, in his commitment to eating well, too.she wants to testify.

And to add: Jean-Pierre was a close friend of mom, at the time of La Ciboulette (in the 70s, editor’s note), which was her restaurant, he did not do TV or radio at that time. And he already had a love of good food. My parents separated before I was born, mum was between two houses, and he took us in for a year!“, she explains as well.

Yes, but now, she was too young to remember. But anyway, I was not even a year old. So I’m not sure it really conditioned my taste! Whatever, you never know…“, she actually jokes. We never know. And you what do you think ?

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Julie Andrieu unpacks everything about her childhood lived with a great French personality

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