jm | Telethon: it’s not over yet

For the 2022 edition of the Telethon, several actions were carried out in the town. Without a major gathering, small initiatives have multiplied here and there over the past week and will continue this week.

In a way, it was the college, and more particularly the CVC (council of college life) that got the ball rolling by organizing, from Monday to Friday, a sale of Telethon objects which made it possible to collect on the whole of the week a sum of 370 € which has already been given to the AFM (French Association against myopathies) Téléthon.

Then, on Sunday December 4, an afternoon dedicated to the Telethon was offered at the small gymnasium. Was present the Amsperluette association, a newly created association whose goal is to create social ties with the game as a support, and which offered a play area for families. Another space dedicated to meditation, which involved a teacher of this discipline, was also available to the public of all ages. But, it is clear that this afternoon did not gather the crowds.

This week again

In parallel with these actions, the inhabitants of the sector could and still can, until December 10, make donations to the Mail pharmacy which makes an urn available. The other collection which also continues, until January 28, is that which is held at the town hall, which collects the batteries (a deposited battery corresponds to 1 € of donation)

Finally, on Sunday 11 December, pony baptisms will be offered by the equestrian center of Châteauvillain. It will also be an opportunity for visitors to take advantage of dressage and show jumping demonstrations since that day will also be held an internal competition.

At the same time, in the gymnasium, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., the Young Firefighters will offer various demonstrations, games and activities including first aid.

Friday December 2, the pupils of 3e 1,000 researchers took part in the operation, which involves sending scientists from research laboratories to schools that request them.

The Collège de Châteauvillain is one of them. Organized by the AFM-Téléthon, approved by the National Education and supported by the Association of Biology and Geology Teachers (APBG), this operation made it possible to bring Jérôme Polentes

, a scientist working in the Paris region and originally from Fronville, Haute-Marne. The latter focused his intervention on two major axes.

The first aims to introduce students to the latest advances in biomedical research. Whether it is related to gene therapy that brings the drug gene to the heart of the diseased cell, or that related to cell therapy that brings healthy cells to replace diseased cells. The second axis aimed to reveal the diversity of professions that a research laboratory needs to function.

“The research community is very poorly known. But this world is more accessible than you think. There are lots of jobs in the labs with lots of different levels of study”, did not fail to insist the scientist. While recalling that these laboratories which constitute the armed arms of the AFM Telethon were created and operate thanks to the money of the Telethon. “Myself, I am paid every month thanks to money from the Telethon. »

Jérôme Polentes is responsible for the cellular imaging platform at Istem in Corbeil-Essonnes. This laboratory, which is part of the armed arms of the AFM-Téléthon, is the largest French research laboratory on stem cells and cell therapy for monogenic diseases.

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jm | Telethon: it’s not over yet

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