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It is additional equipment for the territory. It completes the cultural, sporting and educational offer that we offer to investors, to entrepreneurs who wish to set up here, in Saint-Quentin.. » Invited to discover this new space, the mayor of Saint-Quentin, Frédérique Macarez, showed her joy and satisfaction.

welcome to Instemps’Yoga, a space dedicated to yoga and pilates opened last October. The present moment is the anchor of a good session. It is beneficial for concentration, mental rest and body grounding. Hence the pun of “time” in the name of the center, because the present is the only one that really exists, the one on which we can have a real impact.

A unique place in Saint-Quentin, created by five professionals from various backgrounds (Julien Burident, Emmanuelle Cuisset, Sarah Dias and Aurélia Camacho for yoga and Alexandra Soler Garcia for pilates) who decided to combine their skills and knowledge -To do. They share common values ​​around well-being.

Through postures and breathing, the body will retain strength and flexibility. These postures arouse nervous appeasement and restore a powerful functional balance capable of restoring vitality to all mental and physical structures. »explain the five professors.

Group lessons

This space is installed on the second floor of a new medical office located in the Quai Gayant district. In this place, the courses are collective with sessions of yoga, pilates and meditation, to find themselves, and to refocus.

Each course is given by qualified and certified teachers in their discipline. Yoga classes, combining the practice of postures, control of the vital breath and relaxation, allow the reappropriation of the body, flexibility and the improvement of vital functions. The practice gives access to a better control of one’s emotions and brings relaxation and concentration.

Pilates allows him to develop a better biomechanical and sensory knowledge of the body, protects the pelvic floor and strengthens the entire lumbar and abdominal region. With the result of improving the quality of life.

Thematic workshops

Today, customers are mostly women. We also welcome men, children, seniors, pregnant women, mothers with babies and athletes. », add the professionals. Thematic workshops are offered, such as the prenatal workshop, the yin yoga workshop with essential oils or the one for children, on Wednesday afternoons.

The place of sport is developing in our society, its benefits are recognized by health professionals who now recommend physical activities on prescription. It is now necessary to encourage supply. The yoga and oilates center is helping to meet this demand, which will stop growing. »specifies Frédéric Alliot, deputy mayor in charge of Sport.

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Inauguration of Instemps’Yoga in Saint-Quentin | Picardy the Gazette

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