In Eure, put tai chi chuan in your back to school to fight against the energy crisis

The ACR tai chi chuan workshop in Rugles is organizing the first course of this new season ©Le Réveil Normand

tai chi chuan workshop the Rugloise Cultural Association in Rugles (Eure) organizes the first course of this new season Saturday, September 10, 2022 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at sports stadium in Bois-Arnault.

This course is for everyone: practitioners of all levels or complete neophytes. The members of the ACR as well as the members of the partner associations will have to discharge a participation of 10€, the non-members, of 20€.

The quest for supreme energy

The international situation and the economic situation make this return to school a particularly anxiety-provoking and stressful period, which is not without consequences for our morale and our physique. How can we protect ourselves from the ambient gloom that affects us so much? How to compensate for the prospect of energy rationing?

Well there is tai chi chuan or tai ji quan, from taï (great, infinite, supreme), chi (limit, summit, energy), chuan (combat, quest, action), understand: the quest for energy supreme. It forms, with qi gong, one of the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine. The other four being: acupuncture, Chinese dietetics, Chinese pharmacopoeia (medicinal herbs) and massage.

It involves performing a series of continuous, circular movements while standing, slowly and precisely, in a pre-established order. It is a global energy gymnastics that reconciles body and mind. The practice develops in us a flexible and dynamic strength and relaxation. Between a method of relaxation and a martial art, tai chi chuan is a tool for well-being and personal development, a form of meditation in movement.

Philippe has devoted a good part of his life to the study and practice of tai chi chuan
Philippe has devoted a good part of his life to the study and practice of tai chi chuan ©Le Réveil Normand

Hosted by Philippe Judge

Tai chi chuan is effective for many pathologies, including muscle and joint pain. It allows the youngest to become aware of each part of their body and adults to re-establish their internal connections. It develops balance. It helps control high blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It improves sleep as well as aerobic capacity. In addition, the breathing techniques and flexible movements that its practice requires allow deep relaxation. Tai chi chuan is finally a proven method to manage stress and regain calm. Some also claim that it would have virtues on the immune system. In any case, it is often synonymous with longevity.

This course will be led by Philippe Judge, confirmed master of tai chi chuan, Philippe has devoted a good part of his life to the study and practice of tai chi chuan and qi gong, particularly in China with the monks bonzes of Wudang , one of the cradles of Taoist internal martial arts. Today, multi-medal winner at the last European championship in this discipline, he strives to pass on his knowledge and experience to the best of his ability. President of the Tian Tang Long association, Philippe, despite increasingly numerous professional and associative obligations, remains faithful to the Rugles group, whose progress he has supported since the beginning.

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The opportunity to progress

The courses he leads there are the perfect complement to the weekly initiation sessions supervised by competent volunteers. They are an opportunity to discover this discipline in the best conditions for people who have never practiced it, or to make a significant qualitative leap for practitioners.

“These courses are for everyone, us the first, the opportunity to progress. And we are very lucky that Philippe still agrees to devote some of his time to us. »

This is the perfect opportunity to get started or improve your skills… So come along.

To participate, it is necessary and sufficient to register with: [email protected] Additional contacts: hppts:// [email protected] ; *hppts://

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In Eure, put tai chi chuan in your back to school to fight against the energy crisis

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