How to manage your hypersensitivity?

In the program of September 19, 2022, Marie-Pierre and Claire, hypersensitive, contacted the team of Let’s talk together.

Clear was diagnosed hypersensitive, also suffers from eco-anxiety and had a very bad experience of the numerous fires last summer. Since then, his anxieties have even increased tenfold. Marie Pierre reacted on the show because she recognized herself in Claire’s testimony.

hypersensitivity, is “a character trait that manifests itself in an extreme sensitivity to the world. And, let’s remember that it is not a disease”, specifies Caroline Dublanche. A hypersensitive person “lives things much more intensely (…) She lets herself be overwhelmed by her own emotions, but also by those of others”, she continues in this new episode. Let’s talk again.

Explain the origin of hypersensitivity is “difficult”, explains Caroline Dublanche. As it is a character trait, “there is a part (of its origin, editor’s note) which is the innatewhich could ultimately be partly hereditary”. However, “it is also known that the influence of the environment in which a child grew up will also have an impact”, analyzes Caroline Dublanche.

It’s not a flaw to be hypersensitive

Caroline Dublanche

“The roar of the world hits hypersensitive people very closely (…) everything touches them, everything hurts them, everything hits them, including and especially the suffering of others. So at that time, as it is still invasive, it might be good to talk about it, to talk about yourself, to refocus on yourself”, advocates Caroline Dublanche.

meditation and yoga can “help hypersensitive people a lot to find this inner calm and take some distance”, advises the psychologist of Let’s talk together. You can also play sports “to unload this overflow of emotions”. To learn more about the subject, Caroline Dublanche recommends reading Hypersensitive: Too sensitive to be happy by Savario Tomasella

“You should know that it is not a defect to be hypersensitive. Hypersensitive people are often very delicate and very empathetic beings (…) There is this great acuity which obviously, at times, can be heavy to bear. But, it is also a strength, we must not forget it”, concludes Caroline Dublanche.

In Parlons Encore, the new podcast of the program Parlons-Nous, Paul Delair and Caroline Dublanche come back with a clear head on the testimonies heard in the program broadcast every evening on RTL.

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How to manage your hypersensitivity?

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