How to manage stress before the baccalaureate exams –

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By Laura Salamon

What to do when the stress arrives before a test or at the approach of the exams? The response of the Protestant psychologist, Edith Tartar-Goddet.

The first exam of the baccalaureate is Wednesday, June 15th! Some students are not particularly anxious. But this is not the case for everyone. Reform gives you some advice distilled by Edith Tartar-Goddet in 2019. Eating well, sleeping well, having a healthy lifestyle, it is quite obvious to arrive at the tests in the best conditions and it is better to remember it. Avoiding big late parties before the exams sounds like a no-brainer, as do night reviews. On the day of the test, when you learn about the subjects, you may feel stressed because you feel like you don’t know, you can’t. Edith Tartar-Goddet, psychologist, recommends using relaxation techniques. “Flip the sheet and take a few minutes to settle down rather than continuing to procrastinate. Focus on your breathing, try to get soft hands and arms, try to replace toxic images with pleasant images of places or activities you enjoy. Create a scenario in your head that makes you feel good. This technique allows you not to think of anything else, since you are focused on obtaining this objective. So we relax. Allow yourself this little relaxation-meditation break during the test. »

“I’m going to get there”

You can also repeat energizing phrases to yourself like “I will get there”, “I will succeed”… The psychologist says that some teachers practice these techniques of limb relaxation and mental exercise. This is how we learn to settle down and not let ourselves be overwhelmed by stress,anxiety or panic. “All teachers should be trained in these techniques to pass them on to students. » Finally, Edith Tartar-Goddet invites everyone to trust themselves. “Believe in yourself, in your lucky stars, some would say. For those who are Christians, feel that there is an interior presence beside you. The encounter with Christ can soothe you, nourish you and you feel carried inside by a force, a spirit which crosses you and pushes you forward. »

The primary role of parents

Parents have a key role to play. They will accompany and support those who pass the baccalaureate exams so that they are in optimal physical and psychological availability. Parents must be present, prepare meals, be available to answer questions and expectations, before and after the tests. “Parents must be there, without being intrusive, advises Edith Tartar-Goddet. Avoid asking too many questions, especially if one of the parents is a teacher. Above all, don’t ask for the subject, the draft… Leave it alone but open the possibility of dialogue. “If you want to talk about it, I’m here”. » Students who have passed tests want to relax: sports, video games, etc. “Let them enjoy it. Each will mobilize the natural aggressiveness that he has in him in a different way. Let him do things that make him feel good. Some may set up a little ritual: watch a movie, eat a particular dish…”

Manage your own stress

Parents need to relax, not get upset. “Now is not the time to reproach your teenager, thoughts… Trust him, reassure him and forget the rest. Like a parent carries their baby, firmly and gently at the same time. You can support your teen to feel confident and secure, without being too tight! This is the role of parents. » And if parents have trouble managing their own stress, they can also try meditation or relaxation, recommends the psychologist as the ultimate advice.

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How to manage stress before the baccalaureate exams –

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