How to develop your sensitivity?

Spirituality can allow you to discover a lot of things about your personality and help you on a daily basis. But how to develop your sensitivity and open up to new things?


First of all, you have to be ready to discover things about yourself. Questioning and introspection are an integral part of spirituality. You can be interested in several fields such as astrology, numerology, maps, etc… Even if you are skeptical, ask yourself what you have to lose by trying…


A great classic in spirituality, which may even seem a bit cliché. You don’t have to go barefoot to meditate in the middle of a field. You can meditate for three, four, five minutes in the shower, in your car, at the office, whatever as long as you feel good.
Meditation allows you to disconnect for a few moments from reality, from the frantic pace of your day. Thanks to meditation, you can take even five minutes for yourself, only for you, without thinking of anything but yourself. There are a lot of free meditations on the internet, give it a try!


To develop your sensitivity to spirituality, you can already be grateful for what you already have. Thus, you will realize that your day, your life, is perhaps not that bad… To help you, you can make a list of gratitude. In your phone notes, list every positive detail of your day that brought you even a small smile.

For instance :

  • My coffee was good this morning
  • I succeeded in my line of eyeliner
  • I heard a cool song on the radio
  • I arrived on time at work
  • Bernard from accounting told me a great joke / didn’t tell me a joke today

Look at this list in the evening in your bed before falling asleep and you will see that you have had more good times than bad…



You have to have confidence in yourself. The more self-confidence you have, the more your vibratory level will increase. The more your vibratory rate increases, the more synchronicities you will attract to you. Synchronicities are messages sent by the Universe, God, your angels, whatever you believe in. You can see mirror hours, come across someone you haven’t seen for a long time when you were thinking about it recently, hear a song that you really like and that makes you feel good,…
Pay attention to the signs, they are everywhere around you.

Get out of your comfort zone

To increase your sensitivity in spirituality, you can also step out of your comfort zone. For example, passing through a bookstore, you can dare to buy an oracle or a tarot that catches your eye. Why would other people do it and you can’t? To bounce off the top point, trust yourself. You are quite capable of drawing your cards. So buy it, purify it, get to know your cards and get some draws from time to time. Thus, you will develop your intuition and you will learn to listen to the voice of your instinct rather than that of your ego…

With all these tips, your sensitivity and therefore your intuition will increase. You will pay attention to small details, synchronicities that will help you throughout your life. Believe in yourself, you are capable of anything!

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How to develop your sensitivity?

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