Hoomkid: the audio book that will change the daily lives of children

Children’s sleep is essential and contributes greatly to their well-being and development. It must therefore be of high quality. If your child has difficulty falling asleep, we strongly advise you to try Hoomkid from Livlab. This audio book, without waves or screen, focused on well-being, guides the little ones step by step to the arms of Morpheus for peaceful and restful nights. Pierre-Luc Daniel, one of the co-founders of Livlab, tells us all about this little gem to put in all little hands.

It was when he saw one of his friends manage to stop his consumption of sleeping pills (which he was taking because of sleep problems) thanks to alternative methods that Pierre-Luc Daniel had the idea of ​​creating his first sleep aid: dodow. Inspired by the benefits of meditation and the results related to breath control, the device will allow the company to specialize in this theme of sleep. Building on their expertise, Livlab will develop other devices including Hoomkid, an audio book for children to help them fall asleep but also learn to manage their emotions. Pierre-Luc Daniel specifies: “ There is a real demand for help from parents. They are looking for tips, methods to teach their children to better manage their emotions and to calm down at the end of the day to more easily fall asleep. And it’s true thatohn does not teach us in school to control our emotions, when it is very important and everyone is concerned “.

Very often, kids are more helpless than adults when it comes to managing their sadness, their joy, their anger or their frustrations. Until the age of 7, they just can’t really control them. Their brains not being mature, they are unable to contain themselves when an emotion points the tip of their nose. Faced with this observation and to help increasingly deprived parents, Pierre-Luc Daniel and his team are developing HoomKidin collaboration with a psychologist specializing in children.

A suitable tool to help children calm down

During the development of Hoomkid, the Livlab team quickly realized the importance for the little ones of learning to manage their emotions, including when falling asleep. Indeed, it is often at the end of the day that children release the stress, fatigue or excitement accumulated during the day. And the mixture is often explosive… The ideal is to take your email patiently and communicate. To get the child to talk so that he can express himself on what he is going through. “Sometimes it’s really complicated for parents to experience their child’s emotions, sometimes it’s very intense and our audio book, without waves or screen, then acts as a bridge between parents and children. Hoomkid suggests activities to do together or »

And that’s where the Hoomkid magic happens! You can start using it with a child from 3 years old. At this age, they are able to identify and verbalize which situation provokes which emotion. It is therefore the ideal time to teach them to apprehend them in a gentle and playful way. A perfect way to strengthen the bonds between parents and kids thanks to a tool specially designed for them. Nothing was left to chance. From the design, to the format, including the colors, the illustrations produced by a Belgian illustrator, the stories told, the music selected and the relaxation and breathing activities offered. Everything has been submitted and validated by childhood experts to best meet the needs of this very specific audience. The book also has 2 modes and 6 universes by linking with an emotion. The child can thus instinctively choose the mode and the universe that corresponds to him at the present moment and then choose the activity he wants to do alone or with a parent.

When we know that sleep problems are one of the main health problems today, we say to ourselves that Hoomkid is truly a clever tool to put in the hands of all children. In Belgium, more than 1.25 million doses of sleeping pills are delivered each day. This makes our country a champion in this area. “We want people to regain autonomy in managing their sleep. Its very important. Autonomy is at the heart of everything we do”.




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Hoomkid: the audio book that will change the daily lives of children

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