Holidays: Summer can be a prime time for sleep

You may be lucky enough to start your vacation today or you will return to work with a little less stress than usual. And if it was the opportunity to take care of your nights?

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In terms of sleep,he summer can be a special time, especially for vacationers, of course, but not only. Because you said it, sometimes professional activity and social life are calmer in August. This is an opportunity to take stock of your needs “natural” sleeping.

Not at the very beginning of the vacation where there is an aspect “recovery” a long car trip, for example. But then try to watch your rhythm “spontaneous”. Try to listen to sleep cues. And see what time you wake up from your sleepless night feeling refreshed. If you’re sleeping an hour or two longer than usual, you’re probably chronically sleep-debted. However, as explained by Professor Xavier Drouot, head of the sleep center at the University Hospital of Poitiers, the brain suffers from a permanent lack of rest. At night, it memorizes, or not, the experiences of the day, and above all, we now know that it then benefits from a cleaning essential to its functioning. In addition, deep sleep also allows the heart to slow down. This reduces the chances of high blood pressure. We are not going to detail all the hormones involved, but know that beautiful nights also limit the onset of diabetes.

We would all like to sleep more outside of the holidays, but it’s a dream that comes up against the reality of everyday life. Of course, it’s difficult, especially when you have young children, for example. But maybe there are possible improvements like reducing the number of episodes of television series per evening? Turn off computer and telephone earlier because they diffuse the famous blue light which slows down falling asleep. Succeeding in going to bed earlier also increases the share of deep sleep, the importance of which we have seen. And another way to improve the quality of your nights is more delicate: it is to try to reduce sleeping pills if you take them. Because unfortunately these drugs help to fall asleep, but then create a less restorative sleep and it is a vicious circle. Professor Drouot suggests taking advantage of the lesser stress of the holidays to gently lower the dose. This can be an opportunity to discover relaxation techniques, stretching or even meditation. And if your insomnia is too painful, of course, preserve your vacation and do not hesitate to seek help when you return.

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Holidays: Summer can be a prime time for sleep

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