Here are the 5 types of rest you need (and fast)

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FATIGUE – Restless sleep, you have been wondering for days or weeks how to find a long-awaited rest. It must be said that the summer weather does not necessarily help to alleviate this exhaustion that you experience on a daily basis. It even happens that one night’s sleep is not enough to make you feel better than the day before. How exactly can you preserve your physical and mental health in this situation?

Do not panic, solutions exist to restore a lost balance. You should know that our fatigue depends in particular on our inability to dissociate the different types of rest. Because yes, there is not just one, but many ways to rest to recharge your batteries. But in a fast-paced society, where the cult of immediacy and productivity reigns, rest tends to take a back seat.

Here are 5 different types of rest and how to recharge your batteries effectively.

mental rest

What kind of rest? Closely linked to physical fatigue, mental fatigue would be caused by an intellectual overload: in other words, our mind is shielded like an overfilled bus, too many issues and missions jostle in our head, generating stress and exhaustion. This is where mental rest comes in.

What order? To rest mentally, researcher and physician Saundra Dalton Smith, interviewed by Stylist, suggests allowing yourself a few meditation sessions. It can’t hurt. Simple manual activities, such as washing the dishes or tidying up your little home, can also help clear your mind. Finally remains the golden solution: the ride. That of happy people, light steps and reinvigorated brains.

sensory rest

What kind of rest? Sensory rest occurs in response to an overload – again! – finally very contemporary: the overflow (visual, auditory) caused by the flow of images and sounds emanating in particular from social networks, the telephone and our various video entertainments. It is because we have the impression of being constantly challenged by these screens, these lights and these noises, that our mind spins easily “nervous breakdown”. Sometimes it’s high time to afford a “rehab”. Rest, quickly!

What order? Disconnect of course. Unplug your devices, put yourself in “OFF” for a while, turn down the brightness of your smartphone screen, trade your not-so-needed hours of television for good chapters in a book.

creative rest

What kind of rest? Who has never dreamed of creative rest? Creative fatigue occurs when your professional life involves being – creative. Initiatives, innovations, creations, many jobs require a regular and sharp force of proposal. Only sometimes, the mind and the body let go, quite logically.

What order? From then on, it becomes legitimate to rest or, as we say in the jargon, “to replenish”. The idea is not to take refuge on your pillow but, according to Saundra Dalton Smith, to stimulate your intellect in a different way, with activities outside of work. A book, a film, an album to listen to, a board game… are all alternatives that can entertain you without putting your brain on hold.

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Here are the 5 types of rest you need (and fast)

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