Healthy Monday: yoga as a way of life

Posted Feb 28 2022 at 8:03

Whether you are an informed yogi or a novice in the practice, yoga has conquered all generations and all spheres of society. From sports halls to companies to schools and green spaces, it has made a place for itself in our daily lives. Elodie Garamond, founder of the Tigre Yoga Club, reveals in her new book Yoga, an art of living her journey, her reflections but above all her advice for integrating the yogi philosophy into our lives in order to find serenity and harmony.

Between psychology, well-being and personal development, this encyclopedia sheds light on the many approaches to the discipline, on sometimes abstruse terms from Sanskrit but also on certain masters of thought, so as to be able to best meet the needs and desires. of each one. From Taoism to alternative medicine such as aromatherapy and Ayurveda, Elodie Garamond shares a “panel of self-connection tools” and proves that through small changes, yogi philosophy can be compatible with our active lifestyle and urban.

“Yoga, an art of living”, by Elodie Garamond (ed. Flammarion, 304 pages).© DR

4 keys to integrating yoga into our daily lives

M for meditation

“Meditating is not emptying but filling up,” explains Elodie Garamond. Everyone has the ability to practice meditation: it is necessary to take time for yourself, to sit in the present moment and let thoughts and emotions flow through in an inner listening devoid of judgment. Whichever empirical approach we choose, the important thing is to start and continue over time.

· O like Ôm

The most sacred and well-known of the mantras, the Ôm is usually shared by practitioners to “energetically open space”. This sound has a particular vibration that spreads through the atmosphere and induces powerful physiological and physical effects. The gas exchange of the lungs is improved, as well as blood circulation and nerve cell activation. Thus, chanting the Ôm (or Aum) immediately produces harmonization and balance of the whole body.

S for sankalpa

The fact of formulating a sankalpa, “intention” in Sanskrit, is similar to the Coué method, which wants us to bring out a deep wish. It can also be a resolution, a promise or a thank you to yourself. The key is to show kindness by expressing a positive affirmation that we will mentally repeat during the day or before each practice.

Y for yogatherapy

Yogatherapy is characterized by the specific use of yoga applied to the field of health. This practice is offered as a complement to traditional medicine both to prevent and to alleviate mild to severe pathological disorders. Thanks to breathing or relaxation exercises and specific sequences, yoga therapy can be very effective, especially in the case of chronic low back pain, anxiety or even respiratory disorders.

“Yoga, an art of living”, by Elodie Garamond (ed. Flammarion, 304 pages).

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Healthy Monday: yoga as a way of life

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