Healthy Monday: reducing holiday excesses

Posted Dec 12 2022 at 8:30 am

The month of December is here and with it its share of excesses: gargantuan meals, mountain of gifts, endless aperitif, closures at work… The days are getting shorter and you let yourself go, saying to yourself “we’ll see that in 2023, with new resolutions!”

To hold on, here are some simple tips to put in place or maintain in order to limit damage while enjoying and having fun, so as not to find yourself on January 1st with regrets!

Stay hydrated

Even if you abuse alcoholic beverages and rich meals, remember to drink 1.5 liters of water a day no matter what, to support the detoxification of your body, it particularly needs it.

Hot water bottle to the rescue

When possible, after meals, put a hot water bottle on your liver to help it do its job. The liver needs a temperature between 39 and 41 degrees but the body is more like 37. If you bring it a heat source, it has less energy to provide.

Daily vegetables

A raclette or a fondue? Grill some peppers or mushrooms on top. A turkey with potatoes? Accompany them with beans or other tasty vegetables. An aperitif ? Bring homemade raw vegetables and dips to spice it up. Indeed, the intake of vegetables reduces the peak of blood sugar and increases satiety.

listen to your hunger

Do not throw yourself on the petit fours or the meal, take the time to chew, satiety arrives after 20 minutes. If you’re full, save the leftovers for the next meal, you’ll get more out of it.

Juices, soups or broths

As soon as you have a break between two uncontrolled excesses, rest your intestines with an easily digestible meal.

Intermittent fasting

If you’re not hungry in the evening after a heavy lunch or in the morning after a rich dinner, listen to your body and don’t force yourself. On the other hand, it is advisable to drink as much water as possible.

Supporting plants

A cure of desmodium, artichoke and milk thistle will support the liver before and during the holidays and a ginger/lemon tea after an excess will promote digestion and eliminate toxins.

Essential oils in massage

Always dilute in vegetable oil and use with caution:

– Ceylon cinnamon or ginger to stimulate digestion, in abdominal massage in a clockwise direction.

– Celery in massage on the liver.

– Cardamom in belly massage in case of bloating.

Maintain a minimum of physical activity

Exercise indoors if you don’t feel like going outside, even “gentle” activities like stretching are very beneficial. Remember to walk and expose yourself to light, essential for stress management and sleep. If you are in the countryside during the holidays, take the opportunity to get in touch with nature.

Preserve your sleep

If your nights are reduced due to excessive outings, try implementing a micro-nap in your telework day, a quick meditation session at your desk or a cardiac coherence session (breathing exercise).

You are now armed to savor the month of December and keep some energy to start 2023 in style.

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Healthy Monday: reducing holiday excesses

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