Group sophrology lessons offered every week

Nadine Cirou, 39, is multiplying the initiatives. ©DR

A novelty in the heart of the bocaine countryside. “The idea is to enable people living in rural to have access to wellness activities as close as possible to their homes”, explains the qualified sophrologist.

Every Tuesday, it will therefore be possible to join the group in order to practice standing or sitting a dynamic relaxation. During the lessons, students will learn to relax through exercises of calming breathing which when practiced repeatedly during the day allow to prepare to sleep better, to better manage emotions, stressful situations.

“It’s not a magic potion, but rather simple methods to reproduce at home, in your daily life in order to become an actor in your life, in your reactions in full consciousness. It is a kind of toolbox that one can use according to the needs”

The session takes place in several stages: a time for theoretical discussion, a time for playful exercises and a time for so-called classic sophrology exercises (body movements, breathing and positive visualizations). “These are sessions that take place in a good mood and benevolence”. There is also a time of silence guided by the voice of the sophrologist.

Massage and meditation

At the same time, Nadine Cirou also offers intuitive wellness massages. In agreement with the person, it accompanies guided breathing, positive visualizations to possibly release blockages, bodily and/or mental tensions.

Nadine also has a project close to her heart: the group meditation.

Other proposals

Guided meditation times to make space in yourself and live in harmony with Life. The courses that are planned will be adapted to beginners “more guidance and less silence” and courses for more experienced people. She explains :

“It is easier to meditate with others than alone. The group carries the moments of uncertainty that we can sometimes feel in meditation and allows us to hang on to ourselves to continue this encounter with ourselves. These are beautiful and strong moments of individual and collective sharing”.

The young woman says she will soon meet Bénédicte Bethe Depres to accompany the meditation with the sound of the drum. Bénédicte has already accompanied to the sound of the drum groups of adults in adapted stays (parents with children suffering from cancer).

Videos: currently on Actu

But the offers don’t stop there. Nature lover, Nadine will offer outings in the forest of Montchauvet to harmonize the being thanks to the balance of nature and the exercises experienced even more easily… One hour session, very easy walking level. Next outing Sunday, October 23.

For all information or registration: The information is also on the nadinecirousophrologue Facebook account or on the website.

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Group sophrology lessons offered every week

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