Frédéric Lopez “reclusive at home”: revelations about his new life before his big return

After years away from TV, Frédéric Lopez will make his big comeback on television. According to Le Parisien, the host has spent the last few years “reclusive” in the Cévennes.

It had been years since Frédéric Lopez had been talked about. Since 2018, when he handed over to Raphaël de Casabianca for the presentation of Rendez-vous in unknown land, the host has left the world of television. To find it better. As announced The Parisian this Tuesday, July 5 indeed, Frédéric Lopez will make his big comeback at the start of the next school year, and on France 2! “He should take control of a new weekly show, broadcast on Sunday afternoons”instead of Vivement dimanche by Michel Drucker, switched to France 3. Great news that France Télévisions wanted to keep secret as long as possible. “It will be the big surprise because no one was expecting it”confides a source of the group to our colleagues.

During his years away from television, Frédéric Lopez is “stayed away from the PAF, even if he always kept an eye on Rendez-vous en terre unknown since Raphaël de Casabianca took over”. Since leaving the world of television, the host has been discreet, enjoying a simple daily life far from the hustle and bustle of big cities. “He shut himself up at home in the Cévennes, far from the telephone but not from television. He continued to work on quite a few projects, but nothing had materialized so far. He always did this in the greatest secrecy, so it’s hard to know why it wasn’t done.”assured one of his relatives at Parisian. Despite his discretion, Frédéric Lopez has enjoyed life in recent years.

Frédéric Lopez: this new career he had embraced

“Life is totally different. When you’re on TV, you’re less slouched. We concentrate so as not to say nonsense. I like life without TV right now,” he confided modestly on the set. of Quotidien, in 2019. Based in the Cévennes, Frédéric Lopez discovered a passion: mindfulness meditation. A graduate of the University of Strasbourg, the facilitator then explained wanting to dust off this technique which suffers from many prejudices. “Meditation is just observing without judgment, he described then. It’s not miraculous and it won’t replace medicine. It’s not good for everyone but for those who need it.” Away from TV, he has participated in numerous conferences on the subject. And at the start of the school year, it will once again appease viewers.

Frédéric Lopez “reclusive at home”: revelations about his new life before his big return

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