Fontaine-Daniel: a village of national interest

Could Fontaine-Daniel be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Created in 2021, the association and the endowment fund of Friends of Fontaine-Daniel have a common goal: “to make Fontaine-Daniel a flagship location for Mayenne and the Region, a place that contributes to the identity of the department”, explains Raphaël Denis, employee of the association.

Convinced of the value of the village, the Friends of Fontaine-Daniel were received at Ministry of Culture. “We were reinforced in the idea that the village has a character of national interest. We now need to make it known and communicate widely. » It is with this objective that the members of the association are working on the drafting of a press kit that « we are going to send widely to the national media but also to companies. »

A landscape inventory

Knowledge of the town was reinforced by a landscape inventory, carried out by Christophe de Saint-Just and Antoine Hibou-Cwancig. “This document is a big job that makes it possible to list the built heritage, the flora. It helps to identify the identity of the village and realize its wealth. At the Ministry, this document gives us credibility. A second step will be to work on recommendations to preserve this heritage. “We will have to have the means to do it,” says Raphaël Denis.

For the association, the notoriety of the garden city also involves the establishment of a seminar center. “We are already opening three rooms that can accommodate 20 people with tables and chairs, or 50 in conference format. We would like to go up to ten rooms. It is now possible to come here to reflect, work or meet in a unique real estate heritage, a very present nature. At the same time, we want to develop a program of seminars. We have the Earth Day experience. We have networks. The themes could be: praise of walking, philosophy of living work, for another prosperity or even meditation…”

World Heritage listing?

Could all these steps, which aim to highlight all the accumulated wealth of the village, lead to the inscription of the village in the Unesco World Heritage ? “We know the potential is there. We wrote to Unesco to find out the procedure that was sent to us in return. We had attached the link of the film made in the town. It’s a very big deal. We will need reinforcements and public aid to carry out this project. But what matters is the construction path of the file, which could take 2 to 3 years full time. »

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Fontaine-Daniel: a village of national interest

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