Florent Peyre, superstitious: “I have a ritual, I have to touch this, think that…”

Florent Peyre, superstitious: “I have a ritual, I have to touch this, think that…” (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images)

This Friday, September 16, 2022, Florent Peyre will dance for the first time on the floor of “Dancing with the Stars”. The comedian has been preparing for this great moment for several weeks … And does not hide the fact that he is planning a superstitious little ritual before joining his partner!

comedian and actor, Florent Peyre made himself known to the general public by participating in the program “On n’demande qu’en rire”, but what the general public may not know is that the candidate of “Dancing with the stars” is also a great sportsman. After having been a student in the sport-study section of the Pôle France Nautical Skiing of the CREPS of Saint-Raphaël from 1995 to 2002, he finally turned to the theater, and affirmed it to Yahoo recently: “The scene is where I feel happiest.” But from his past as a sportsman, he retains a real taste for training… And a certain tendency to superstition.

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The little rituals of Florent Peyre

Questioned on this subject by our care, he confirms it without complex: “It’s true, i am very superstitious. It does not get better, but I maintain it a little. This last year, I worked a lot on myself, I do a lot of meditation and positive thinking, and it works really well. But superstition is something I keep to myself. That is to say, if I don’t do everything I’m used to doing, it doesn’t matter.”

The situation was therefore arranged, since he confides that: “Before, I could have shifted a performance by 10 minutes.” Difficult to do when it comes to a television program, broadcast live and in public! But if he has the opportunity to isolate himself, the comedian will not hesitate. “It’s more of a ritual. I like to have an hour for myself before my show for my little habits. I have to do my vocalizations to warm up my voice, yoga to warm up my body, my little meditation to warm up the ‘spirit…”

His family at the center of his superstition

Once his mind, body and voice are warmed up, Florent Peyre turns to the people who matter most to him: his family. “I have to listen to such music, put on the perfume that my mom or my sister gave me, kiss the picture of my wife and my son, kiss the straw that I offered my son to bring me luck. I have to touch this, think that, in short, it’s long.” Crazy in love with his girlfriend and very proud of his little boy, the comedian wants to think of them before going on stage, or in this case to join the dance floor.

The candidate of “Dancing with the stars”, however, claims to have thought a lot about these rituals and the importance they have for him. “I also like it because it allows me to get into the thing, it’s the airlock that allows you to go from everyday life to the stage, which is where I feel happiest. in life. There’s a little transition, and my superstition is part of that.” It remains to be seen whether he will set up new habits for the competition. “I haven’t created a new routine for DALS yet, but if it goes well at the first prime, and I have the misfortune to remember something I did just before, you can be sure that I will do it again until the end.”

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Florent Peyre, superstitious: “I have a ritual, I have to touch this, think that…”

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