Florent Peyre, hypochondriac: “I played a lot of times thinking to myself: ‘I’m having a stroke'”

Florent Peyre, hypochondriac: “I was able to tell myself: ‘I’m dying'” (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

This Friday, October 7, 2022, the competition continues for Florent Peyre in “Dancing with the Stars”. The comedian, a former top athlete, gives his all in competition, despite a problem he has been fighting for years: he suffers from hypochondria.

hypochondria definitely seems to be a recurring problem among stars. While 8 million French people suffer from this disorder, according to INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research), Florent Peyre does not hide that this disorder, which regularly persuades him that he suffers from serious health problems. , can be a real ordeal on a daily basis.

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He doesn’t want to die on stage

Florent Peyre has always said: “The stage is the place where I feel happiest,” he told us in a recent interview. But in the past, his hypochondria often got him into trouble in the middle of a show. guest in the Jordan Deluxe show for Télé-Loisirshe had indeed confided that this panic fear of the disease had almost harmed his career.

“The worst I can say and where we say to ourselves that it’s still going far is that at one point I was having fits of hypochondria on stage. That is to say that while playing I was able to say to myself: ‘I am dying'”, he says. I played a lot of times thinking to myself, ‘I’m having a stroke’ because I had pain in my left arm and I felt like I was losing some tension. Other times, I was like, ‘Actually, I’ve already done my strokeI’m already in the ambulance, my mind thinks I’m still playing but I’ve already gone to the hospital’.”

To fight against this phenomenon, the former top athlete told us that he had implemented many things: “This past year, I have worked a lot on myself, I do a lot of meditation and positive thinking, and it works. great by the way.” At Télé-Loisirs, he had also confirmed: “I first met a psychologist who helped me a lot and I especially discovered meditation. […] To give hope to all the hypochondriacs on the planet: it can be cured!”

Hypochondriac, but also superstitious!

Hypochondria is not the only disorder suffered by comedian Florent Peyre. In an interview with Yahoo before the launch of “Dancing with the Stars”, he said he needed time before going on stage to perform small rituals related to his superstition. “It’s true, i am very superstitious. It does not get better, but I maintain it a little. (…) Superstition is something I keep to myself. That is to say, if I don’t do everything I’m used to doing, it doesn’t matter.”

Result, before each performance, he repeats the same gestures: “It’s more of a ritual. I like to have an hour for myself before my show for my little habits. I have to do my vocalizations to warm up my voice, yoga to warm up my body, my little meditation to warm up my mind… Then I have to listen to such music, put on the perfume that my mom or my sister gave me, kiss my the photo of my wife and my son, a kiss with a straw that my son gave me to bring me luck. I have to touch this, think that, in short, it’s a long time.” Crazy in love with his girlfriend and very proud of his little boy, the comedian wants to think of them before going on stage, or in this case to join the dance floor.

Video. Florent Peyre very complicit with Inès Vandamme in Dancing with the stars: is his companion afraid?

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Florent Peyre, hypochondriac: “I played a lot of times thinking to myself: ‘I’m having a stroke'”

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