Five ideas to spruce up your vacation

That’s it ! You have finally been able to book your much-deserved vacation. You are already looking forward to it. But once the big day is approaching, it sometimes happens that we wonder what we are going to be able to do on the spot.

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Lounging on the same beach every day? Finding yourself going around in circles because you’ve lost the habit of doing nothing? To help you, we have looked for five practical ideas for you to spruce up your vacation and keep you busy without too much effort.

The bike ride

Cycling is a key activity for holidaymakers. It allows you to discover or rediscover the city by taking the time to explore it while doing some physical activity. Alone, as a couple or as a family, it is an economic activity that will delight everyone and will allow you to fill a full day while having a good time.

Go shopping

This is one of the favorite activities of French people on vacation: shopping. There are also several ways to shop. There are those who prefer to stroll along the shops window shopping, drinking a coffee and a grenadine on the way. There are also those who have really come to revamp their wardrobes and buy souvenirs for their family and friends, or there are also those who will explore garage sales to find local treasures or hunt for goodies. business.

Boat trip

If you have the chance to go on vacation by the water, what better than a day on the boat to have fun and enjoy the good weather? For the lucky ones who have their boat license, it’s even simpler because there will be no need for a captain to ensure the rental. There are many rental services generally around the ports, but the simplest is still the Internet to be able to find rental agencies or via services such as Samboat or Clickandboat (the equivalent of Airbnb for boats).

Take time for yourself

Holidays are the perfect time to recharge your batteries and reconnect with yourself. There are many activities that allow you to reconnect and take a step back from the daily routine. Spas, yoga classes or gymnastics are activities that allow this. Meditation, considered a gymnastics of the mind, is also an activity recommended to scare away harmful thoughts by creating a vacuum and reducing stress.

read a good book

Many French people complain of not having time to read. Indeed, it can be difficult to concentrate and find time to read a book, especially because of the mental load of everyday life. The holidays are the perfect excuse to finally read this book that we gave you at Christmas and why not to get used to taking more time for yourself as soon as you get home.

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Five ideas to spruce up your vacation

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