Father’s Day: 10 original gift ideas to please him

Father’s Day is this Sunday! Are you looking for an original gift idea to please him for sure? The writing thinks outside the box with ideas for affordable, fun presents that will remind your dad how much you love him. After our beauty selection, here are 10 additional gift ideas he will love!

1 – “Dad’s words” poster, the Avant-Gardist

We put our two hands to cut … There is a (very) strong chance that your dad has said at least one of these sentences to you! We love the idea of ​​giving him this poster that he can hang in his office and smile every time he lays eyes on it.

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2 – Tiger eye & obsidian bracelet, Nature & Découvertes

A favorite for this jewel in natural stones and genuine leather that he can wear every day. In litotherapy, the energies diffused by tiger’s eye are very well known. It is a stone of protection, also widely used in meditation.

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3 – Special Father’s Day basket, The Kdo

The concept is simple: 6 gifts to open on 6 consecutive days ! In this pretty basket, your daddy will find: 1 Tripel Karmeliet beer, 1 connected gray keychain, 1 Ethiopian coffee 250 gr in beans, 1 mini table tennis kit, 1 Gin Mayou and 1 30-day “less, c ‘is better”.

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4 – Digital wooden alarm clock, Gingko

An alarm clock as pretty as it is practical ! The touch control buttons are laser engraved. The alarm clock is sound activated and the display disappears when the room is quiet. Note that you can also activate the “permanent display” option. To turn off the morning alarm? Just brush the button.

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5 – “The Day You Became My Daddy” Card, Positive Prints

The emotion is likely to be quite there when you offer him this gift. This very special card reveals the aspect of the celestial vault the day you came into the world and therefore, where your dad was able to see you for the first time. You can choose between a poster print or a digital download.

See this map of the sky

6 – Personalized leather vanity case, Cavendish Collection

Has your dad always loved American football and perhaps dreams of going to the United States to see a match? Waiting, we make him wait with this superb customizable leather toilet bag in the shape of a balloon. He can store all his toiletries there. A perfect gift before the summer holidays!

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7 – Light Box personalized luminous frame, Folies Gifts

A superb gift that he can leave proudly on his desk! The occasion of print photos of his children, grandchildren, memories vacations and/or memorable family meals. The whole, accompanied by a short text that will touch his heart. We are fans of this gift idea!

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8 – Carioca hammock & its stand, Nature & Discoveries

Is your dad a big fan of outdoor activities? This is the perfect gift for his moments of relaxation ! He will love being able to settle in there, observe the landscape, read a good book… The perfect gift!

See this hammock

9 – Leather vinyl dividers, Les Raffineurs

Is your dad an undisputed vinyl fan? He has kept all those of his youth and does not know where to put them so much he has? These leather dividers marked with the letters of the alphabet and ultra elegant are batteries the gift you need for June 19th.

See these vinyl dividers

10 – Kit knife to make yourself, the Avant Gardiste

Your daddy is a madman for DIY and wild camping ? He will love the idea of ​​being able to make his own knife. An object that he can bring everywhere with him and can be used both at home and during outings in the great outdoors.

See this knife kit

We promised you: original gifts that will please him for sure! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big budget, it’s the intention that counts. You can also prepare a good meal for him and take the opportunity to bring the family together. All the writing wishes an excellent Father’s Day 2022 to all dads!

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Father’s Day: 10 original gift ideas to please him

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