Facial sweating: causes and natural solutions

Sweating and the production of sweat are phenomena that provide three major functions within the body. They participate in:

  • her regulation : by eliminating excess heat produced by the body;
  • his purification : by eliminating waste circulating in the blood;
  • her protection : by mixing with sebum, sweat forms a protection against friction.

Sweating also intervenes in the activation of the metabolism by promoting:

  • the ventilation (i.e. pulmonary respiration);
  • the blood circulation ;
  • I’hormonal activity (thyroid and adrenal glands).

On average, humans secrete a liter of sweat a day.

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Why do we sweat a lot on our face?

Excessive facial sweating is manifested by “significant production of sweat forehead, temples, upper lip, scalp and neck. Sweat droplets are usually visible to everyone and run down the face“explains Sylvaine Helm-Rauzy, naturopath and nutritionist.

Sweating is defined as “the result of the activation of sweat glands located in the deeper layers of the skin, the dermis“. They are of 2 types, the apocrine and eccrine glands. The latter are particularly concentrated at the level of the forehead in particular. They are connected to the autonomic nervous system and can be triggered by several factors:

  • Overweight ;
  • Extreme heat;
  • Intense stress or anxiety;
  • Physical effort;
  • A hormonal dysfunction such as hyperthyroidism for example;
  • Heredity: there are often cases of facial sweating in several individuals of the same family;
  • A disorder affecting the sympathetic nervous system resulting in excessive sweat production

What can be the consequences of excessive facial sweating?

Excessive facial sweating can become a real handicap in everyday life. “This can lead to a loss of self-confidence with fear of the gaze of others, a drop in self-esteem, a feeling of ill-being,…” explains the specialist.

“The sweat that beads up on the forehead or temples is visible to everyone, and can even trickle down the face, making it difficult to wear makeup, for example” adds Sylvaine Helm-Rauzy. In addition, perspiration from the neck leaves wet marks on the top of clothes and prematurely degrades them. “Skin and eye irritation may also occur with excessively acidic perspiration.

In case of excessive facial sweating, some hygiene rules easy to apply also improve daily life:

  • Remove risk factors for facial sweating : “we can add relaxation methods such as yoga, meditation or cardiac coherence, a breathing technique that rebalances the autonomic nervous system” ;
  • Refresh the face and reduce perspiration “using a thermal water mister” ;
  • Avoid stripping the skin when using gentle and respectful products the hydrolipidic film of the skin;
  • Homeopathy can be of great help: “We can cite Calcarea carbonica for sweating of the head, Sepia for that of the face, Gelsemium in case of stage fright, Ignatia in case of a lump in the throat, Thuya in a context of anxiety” ;
  • Thoroughly dry the face after washing, not neglecting any area.

Is it serious to sweat too much?

Excessive sweating has no serious consequences on physical health, apart from the fact that it promotes the development of skin diseases such as fungal infections, warts, etc.

But Sylvaine Helm-Rauzy reminds us, “excessive sweating can lead to excessive water loss and therefore dehydration but also a loss of minerals. She advises to hydrate regularly by not hesitating to add lemon juice in its water, and to consume fruits and vegetables rich in minerals.

When perspiration becomes a subject in its own right, do not hesitate to consult. “VSis a perfectly natural phenomenon that should cause no discomfort or inconvenience” ends the naturopath.

Thanks to Sylvaine Helm-Rauzy, naturopath and nutritionist.

More information on the website www.naturopath-nutritionist.fr and Instagram @sylvainerauzy

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Facial sweating: causes and natural solutions

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