Ego-system or Eco-system, extract from the teachings of Martin Aylward on the Mind application –

“We live in intense times, in times of political dysfunction, economic uncertainty, social polarization and ecological degradation.

Large-scale protests have taken place around the world such as those led by Extinction Rebellion and its partners.

They are sounding the alarm about our ecological situation, using nonviolent direct action to pressure governments and big business to take more responsibility and become more responsive to our situation.

Perhaps you yourself reflect on the state of the world and your own circumstances, your life, your work, how you spend your money, and what you support.

So a major change for a more equitable and sustainable world must come from governments and companies, but that does not mean that individuals are insignificant or powerless.

We have voices to speak with.

We have bodies that we can put on the street.

We have ears to listen to others who are hurting, afraid or confused. We have hearts to sense what is happening, minds to discern our own orientation on these matters.

Each of us has a natural desire to align our inner values ​​with our outer actions. Which is not easy in a complex world.

Maybe you buy prince mainly organic products. Perhaps you have reduced or eliminated meat from your diet.

Maybe you take care of your electricity, fuel and plastic consumption.

Perhaps this question is very much alive for you: how to align your values ​​with your, your personal actions with the world in which you would like to live and your steps to take care of a precarious planet.

The practice of meditation may seem far removed from this reality.

Meditation is when we withdraw from activity. We learn to remain calm and to listen to life as it is.

This is where we let our experience be. We welcome the natural flow of life all around us and within us.

Where we stop controlling, managing and correcting our experience.

We surrender authority to what is rather than thinking about what could or should be.

So if this reflection is about the practice of meditation and this spirit of “letting be”, why then talk about the ways in which we spend our money, our time and our energy.

Why talk about politics, economics and ecology here? Because it is interior or exterior, it is always the same world of experience.

It is the so-called inner states, confusion, distraction, fear, hatred and greed, which lead very directly to these expressions manifesting outward in what I call society.

We take this word society as if it were something, an entity that exists outside of us. But society is us! All of us.

Culture is what we build and hold together through our attitudes and actions.

If we want a just world, we have to behave justly.

If we want a peaceful world, we have to behave peacefully.

And that includes very directly this inner world: to dwell peacefully, to behave peacefully, to live together peacefully.

All these aspects have the same roots.

If we want a sustainable world, we have to attend to both inner sustainability, which is the realm of meditation, and outer sustainability.

Understand and take care of our ecosystem and understand and take care of our ego-system.

Here is a moment together to take good care of this ecosystem: this body-mind-heart-universe that is sitting there. »

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Ego-system or Eco-system, extract from the teachings of Martin Aylward on the Mind application –

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