Diebling: a solidarity march takes place today to support Cloé

The Sourire de Cloé association is organizing its first solidarity march this Pentecost Monday to help Cloé Miniutti at the Diebling pond.

Sound N°1 – Diebling: a solidarity march is taking place today to support Cloé

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Franck Miniutti – father of Cloé and president of the association Le Sourire de Cloé

Franck you are the president of the association but above all Cloé’s dad, can you explain to us what illness Cloé suffers from?

Cloé is currently suffering from a disease called herpetic meningoencephalitis. She had this when she was 13 months old. The whole left part of his body is paralyzed but the right side is functioning. Cloé, today, is 13 years old. She has all her head, she knows how to make herself understood, she knows what she wants, she knows how to be a bitch. She is full of life.

She recently underwent surgery. She did not suffer and everything went well. She is currently in rehabilitation at the institute of Saint-Avold.

Will she be able to heal?

No. In fact, she had viral meningitis, and on top of that, she had the herpes virus in the brain that affected the motor part. She, she always says to herself “that one day I will walk alone”. She’s a fighter. Currently, she drives with an electric wheelchair to move around on her own, but even when she is not electric she manages to move around on her own with one hand.

You are organizing a day today to collect donations, what will the money collected be used for?

The money raised will be used to make a motorized hoist on a rail in his room. There is a part that is taken by the MDPH, a part by the ANAH and the rest is at our expense. It is the association that will finance this. The rest of the funds will be used for his daily life, for his occupational therapy.

For the hoist, we still have 4200 euros to pay.

Tell us a bit about how the day went. There are two possible circuits, right? can we also eat?

There are two possible circuits and it takes place at the Diebling pond. There is the pond, there are trees, there are birds, it’s very pleasant. Everything is sheltered. There is a 5km circuit for people who are in pushchairs or wheelchairs, and there is a 10km circuit that goes through the Diebling cycle path and the forest. We have 175 people registered for lunch, a ham on a spit. Next, there are sausages left in the bread.

3 people got involved in our action. We have two people who do ortho-bionomy, who will have a tent on site, who will give massages and explain ortho-bionomy. There will be a basket, people put a certain amount in it, and half will be donated to our association. We also have another person from Diebling who does meditation, and if people want to do some nature meditation, she’s here for that.

The solidarity march for Cloé is therefore all day today. Entry is €2. The start is at the communal pond of Diebling.

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Diebling: a solidarity march takes place today to support Cloé

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