Deco: infrared saunas, meditation spots… Well-being dictates the trend in 2022

Adam RolstonCreative Director and CEO of INC Architecture & Design, a design and interior architecture agency based in New York, also explains that wellness has become its top priority. Recently, he imagined the spaces of a building in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, according to this principle. Spa-like facilities have been spread throughout the structure, such as a meditation garden, yoga, boxing and pilates studios, as well as a “suncatcher” lounge intended to do the full of vitamin D. An entire floor is also occupied by a three-stage spa circuit consisting of an infrared sauna, a hammam and finally a cold shower. And then there is the interior architecture itself, favoring “lightness, calm, biophilic design, natural light and access to outdoor spaces”, explains Adam Rolston.

A little decoration…

For those who live in small spaces, the well-being trend also manifests itself in small decorative touches. Crystals, geodes and agates are currently very popular for their energy properties and are no longer the prerogative of hippies: they are now sold in large decoration chains; and that, along with Himalayan salt lamps, which (apparently) improve mood, sleep and alleviate allergies. These objects have experienced growing interest since 2017, if we are to believe the results of research communicated by Google, while the influence of design and biophilic decoration (or to put it simply, the reasoned proliferation of plants in interiors) does not is more to demonstrate.

But then, why? Why so much noise around well-being in terms of decoration? The term is not new and fashionable for a long time. goopthe wellness brand of Gwyneth Paltrow, was founded 14 years ago… Certainly. But now, this interest has taken on new proportions lately and this can be explained in particular for psycho-social reasons. In 2020, consulting firm Gallup asked adults in 116 countries in 2020 whether they preferred to live a calm life or an exciting life. 72% of them chose the second option. According to the Anxiety Disorders and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. In Europe, it would affect 25% of the population according to the WHO and has progressed since the pandemic. To put it another way, we now aspire to only one thing: to relax from the comfort of our homes. The headlong rush is over.

“For the past two years, most of us have spent our lives in our homes. This pushed us to understand our living spaces differently and to understand how much they can influence our well-being”, adds Jenni Kayne. “Your interior is no longer just the place where you sleep after work: it must now reflect and inspire the best of you.”

Translation by Julie Ackermann

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Deco: infrared saunas, meditation spots… Well-being dictates the trend in 2022

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