ContextMinds: a mind mapping tool exclusively for SEO

Mind mapping is a very effective way to structure a project or strategy. This method involves transforming a long list of ideas into an easy-to-understand visual representation. On the market there are several tools to create mind maps. Whether ContextMinds is one of them, it is a bit different from its competitors, because it is dedicated to SEO. It allows you to find and organize your content ideas more quickly.

A whiteboard to see more clearly in your SEO strategy

ContextMinds offers an interactive whiteboard for creating a mindmap. This allows you to organize your ideas in a visual and intuitive way. The tool also allows you to note drafts.

Based on what is written on the virtual whiteboard, Context Minds generates ideas for content and keywords in real time. Let’s say you want to write an article on Buddhist meditation. Thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI), the solution is able to suggest questions to which Internet users are looking for answers, and terms to include in its text. It can be “yoga”, “spirituality” or even “Buddhism and psychology”. For each keyword, the tool provides statistics, including search volume. It also offers academic resources on which to base your article.

screenshot of the contextminds platform with a mindmap

The mindmap allows you to see more clearly in a project. Illustration: ContextMinds.

screenshot of contextminds platform with share window open

You can share the mindmap with a direct link. Illustration: ContextMinds.

Suggestions made by ContextMinds can be dragged anywhere on the whiteboard. We can create groups of ideas for each content, with a dedicated color code. You can also pin them as a note and add images or videos to them.

Once the mindmap is ready, it is possible to share it with your teams or your client. To do this, simply copy the generated link. It can also be exported to PDF, PNG or SVG. Our contacts do not need a ContextMinds account to access the content.

Finally, the tool is very practical for finding ideas for topics and managing your SEO strategy. It is currently available at the low price of 69 dollars for life instead of 228 dollars. You can search 6,000 ideas for content and keywords, get up to 1,500 article suggestions from ContextMinds and as many paragraph ideas. Of course, licenses with more options are available.

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ContextMinds: a mind mapping tool exclusively for SEO

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