Connecting to the life you want, with “Training SE See”

Seek fulfillment to move towards professional success. Develop a motivational process and train others in this dynamic. Manage the crisis in business. 3 personal and collective missions, 3 training courses.

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Connecting to the life you want with Training SE See>” title=”Connect to the life you want, with << Formation SE See >>”/>
Connecting to the life you want, with “Training SE See”

Back on track

Ihere is something wrong with a society which, whatever the declarations of intent, strives to make technical skills the alpha and omega of professional existence. There is also something sad in the lack of attention paid to soft skills, or in its mocking discrediting. In reality, many of the ills from which companies and their actors suffer today lie in a difficulty in putting the human being back at the center, that is to say, self-knowledge and therefore of one’s needs, mastery of the various communications, paying attention to warning signs. The organization “Formation SE Voir” fully assumes this observation, and draws concrete conclusions as to the methods of resolution. From there, 3 training modules were born which adapt to the requirements of professional life.

Module 1: Knowing how to be yourself

If the expression may seem curious, as being yourself seems so obvious, it still deserves our full attention. To conform to expectations, to wear family or social masks, we sometimes come to forget ourselves. They are not rare those who wander in the existence, sometimes pursuing a quest which is not theirs, sometimes paralyzed by the absence of objective. The trainer is nourished by several professional lives. The one who was, among other things, a firefighter in Paris, addresses the “damaged by work” (burn out, stress, retraining), but also to anyone wishing to improve their self-esteem. From professional coaching, to verbal and non-verbal communication, is added a whole body of work through a bodily approach, which is based in the training on methods from yoga, energy healing and meditation.

Module 2: Train to help

It is here a more specific audience that is invited. It is, in essence, a training of trainers, with this idea that leading the other towards a more intimate knowledge of his own person is a skill in its own right. Two aims emerge:

  • Take control of the first module (“Know how to be yourself”) and be able to teach it in turn
  • Acquire animation and training techniques that will be useful in other fields of application (in particular training, coaching and support professionals).

Module 3: Letting go in business

Let’s say it right away, because it’s an originality: this module is provided by a man who was General of the Army! Executives or managers faced with the difficulties of business management caused by new contexts will be able to call on an experienced consultant and speaker. It’s because the General has some perspective. 39 years of military career bring a certain expertise and also give a look that makes sense to pyramid organizations, to their specificities… to their limits. From this career and a few years of training in Canadian methods came this conviction that he delivers and deploys: without having to deny them for all that, one must decondition oneself from hierarchical reflexes. The final decision, even if it comes down to one person, must be a collective construction. Complexity is a fulcrum, a strength, for aiming for decision-making excellence.

Grow to serve more people

For the time being, “Formation SE Voir” has limited its area of ​​intervention to the northern half of France. Nevertheless, the success of the training courses has aroused the desire to expand throughout the territory. Each region will soon have its own team, and the modules will intersect in order to be able to offer tailor-made training. It is a real turnkey solution for employees and/or collaborators to find calm, motivation and efficiency.

Moreover, the network is not intended to be solely geographical. Ideally, it would be necessary to intervene as a service provider for Pôle Emploi, because these interlocutors know the trades well, but not always those with whom they deal. And the latter too, too often, misunderstand each other… The individual is not reducible to statistics. With the support of “Formation SE Voir”, the accent is placed on the preliminary need to find oneself, to train then, and finally exercise with heart this profession for which one is made.

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Connecting to the life you want, with “Training SE See”

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