Christophe André, the most famous psychiatrist in France, in Caen for a conference

Christophe André, star media psychiatrist, will be in Caen on Saturday December 10 to talk about La Consolation, this desire to do good to those who are in adversity. © FLORENCE BROCHOIRE

We hear it on France Inter almost every day, Christopher Andre is certainly the psychiatrist the most famous in France. He will be at Caen (Calvados), Saturday December 10, 2022, as part of the forum LibeCare to animate a conference dedicated to “La consolation” and to sign his latest book: “Consolations, those we receive and those we give”.

This notion of “Consolation” to be compared to Care or “ethics of care”, Christophe André theorized it when he himself had to fight against the cancer that was eating him away.

Consolation is the good we do for someone who has to face adversity, for someone who is suffering.

Christopher Andre

Have good morale

“It was in 2015. I had a lung cancer, I who have never smoked! I then realized how much the support and kindness of those around me, in my circle but also at the hospital, was essential…”

Having good morale is very important when you are embarked on a care process.

Morale will certainly not change the result of an operation, but it will necessarily be more virtuous than the stress that naturally accompanies the patient…

Christopher Andre

Do good to those in adversity

In a course of health there is not only the care, theemotional aspect is fundamental to help give “good morale” to the patient. If for the family circle doing good to a loved one is logical, the approach can be different for caregivers.

Now, when they become aware that the patient is not just a mere bundle of flesh and an accumulation of organs, when they act bearing in mind that the patient who is there has a spirit and a soul, their approach will necessarily be more human.

If the stretcher-bearer who takes you to the operating theater smiles at you, if he takes your hand, he will inevitably have a positive effect on your stress, which is considered by medicine to be a major aggravator… Arousing positive emotions means putting the patient under better conditions.

Christopher Andre

It has always been said thathaving good morale is a plus to engage in a process of care, and for twenty years, scientific studies have come to confirm this feeling.

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In a hospital hit by a lack of resources, where it is customary to speak of staff exhaustion, smiling at the patient or holding his hand for a moment is not necessarily the priority. But the hospital is also making progress in this area. The staff have understood this well, even if the path remains long.

The virtues of meditation

Convinced of the virtues of meditationthe psychiatrist invites you to look into yourself to learn how to live better with yourself and with others.

In these difficult times, in the context of the war in Ukraine, when inflation gallops and the Covid-19 progresses again, looking inward, thinking about your well-being and that of your loved ones will become fundamental.

It’s free but you have to register

If you want to listen to Christophe André on Saturday December 10, it’s at the MoHo that it’s happening16 bis Quai Amiral Hamelin in Caen from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.. It’s free but you have to register here.

After the conference, Christophe André will sign his book from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in partnership with the Draft of Culture library.

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Christophe André, the most famous psychiatrist in France, in Caen for a conference

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