Camilla treats herself to a holistic retreat in India

After emotionally charged weeks, the wife of King Charles took a few days off. Queen Camilla flew on October 20, 2022 to southern India where she spent ten days in a fitness center specializing in “holistic therapies”.

This is not the first time that Camilla has made a retreat at Soukya, a very select health and well-being center located in Whitefield, in the suburbs of Bangalore, capital of the state of Karnataka. The city, which in the 19th century was only a town inhabited mainly by English settlers, has today become the nerve center of the digital sector and the tech industry, which is booming in India.

But the domain of Soukya, which extends away from the modern city, over a dozen hectares, remains a haven of peace and serenity, a small luxuriant paradise where one comes to recharge their batteries from all over the world. Drowned in the middle of a park with rare species, the buildings combine the famous style Naalukettu of Kerala, with various foreign inspirations, in particular that of the blue and white churches of Greece.

“Cleanse, soothe and revitalize the soul, mind, body”

The host, Doctor Issac Mathai, completed his training as a homeopathic doctor in London by practicing “holistic therapies”, such as acupuncture, yoga, naturopathy, hydrotherapy, mindfulness meditation, but above all the traditional precepts of Indian Ayurveda. His wife, Suja Issac, a graduate in nutrition from the University of Madras, supervises the dietary part of the care programs.

The official website explains that the establishment, based on a holistic approach to health – according to which “an individual’s natural defense and immune system, when strengthened, have the potential to cure and prevent disease” –, offers a wide range of fitness programs “that help cleanse, de-stress, soothe and revitalize the soul, mind, body. […]”.

After an assessment by qualified specialists, the client is prescribed a “treatment protocol designed to meet the person’s individual needs”. “The program is monitored and reviewed daily, to allow any modification of the treatment protocol, if necessary.”

Camilla and Charles have already made several stays there

The vocation of the center ranges from simple fitness to the management of chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or multiple sclerosis. Nothing so serious fortunately for the queen consort who has regularly visited the Soukya center since 2010. It is here that the one who was still only Prince of Wales celebrated his 71st birthday, in 2019, during a six-day “rejuvenation” program said to “help deep relaxation, support the body’s natural healing by eliminating toxins and promote a healthier lifestyle”.

During Camilla’s previous stay in 2013, Doctor Issac Mathai told the Deccan Herald “As a doctor, I won’t divulge the type of treatment and its specifics, but I can say that she comes back here to enjoy the food, which is from our own production – organically grown and cooked – and she really soaks up the vibe. There are all kinds of people who visit our center, from the wealthy to the local villagers, but what sets Camilla apart is her simplicity. It’s her no-nonsense nature that makes us touched.” The article also reveals that the Duchess of Cornwall “loved soups, dal and sweet corn soup with spinach. […] Camilla really relished the experience.”

A luxurious escape…

Such refinement is certainly not within the reach of all budgets! The rooms are charged from 250 euros to 950 euros per night for the suites. This rate includes full board, a basic consultation with doctors, a dietary assessment, organic and vegan cuisine, morning and evening communal yoga sessions, as well as access to all recreational facilities. As for the programs themselves, they range from 3,700 euros for the “Swaad” anti-stress program to more than 10,000 euros for “Integrated Rejuvenation Shakti”.

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Camilla treats herself to a holistic retreat in India

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