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“Even the flickering light of a few candles at night is stronger than the evil and destruction of war.” The prior of the Taizé community, Brother Alois, recalled this on December 28, at the opening of the 45th annual prayer meeting this year in Germany, bringing together young people from all over Europe, and from different Christian denominations. In his meditation, he invited to pray for Ukraine, Haiti, the peoples of the Middle East, as well as for migrants.

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Christ comes into the world, the heart of the Christmas message. This is how Brother Alois addressed the hundreds of young people who came to Rostock, a city in northern Germany, for the annual end-of-year meeting on Wednesday 28 December. “IJesus is the light of the world which is threatened and even invisible, but despite this his light never goes out“, he said.

Taizé and North-East Germany

The links between the Taizé community and the north-east of Germany have existed since the 1960s, recalled the prior of German origin. “The Taizé brothers came here when the iron curtain was still dividing Europe. The churches have played a decisive role in ending this division of Europe», continues Brother Alois, and «soon after, many young people from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania came to Taizé“. Christians in the northeast of the Federal Republic are a minority in society, but they have never turned in on themselves, on the contrary, “the situation encouraged them to seek dialogue with everyonecontinued Brother Alois, “only together can we overcome the challenges we face and build a society in which trust is created“.

Prayer with young Ukrainians

Brother Alois then recounted his stay in Ukraine, five days before Christmas, and the sharing of daily life with courageous people in kyiv. “Regularly, in the evening or even during the day, the lights go out in entire neighborhoods. But that doesn’t stop young people from praying together by candlelight.“.

There are many Christmas carols in Ukraine, and the prior developed one of them: “Wipe the tears from your eyes, for the Son of God is coming to save the world with his love. The light shines in the sky“, then he adds:”Yes, Christ is coming into the world. He also comes in darkness and in the night. And in the deepest darkness its light is already shining. We thank the young people of Ukraine for their courage and perseverance in faith“, did he declare.

Migrants are never forgotten

In today’s world, many people are heartbroken, he pointed out in his meditation, thinking of the migrants he met in Lampedusa at Christmas last year. “Most of them had arrived on the island after a dangerous crossing” and “some were rescued from dangerous situations at sea“.

Let us not forget either, he said, the people of Haiti who are living through a terrible situation. And let us pray for the peoples of the Middle East. I recently spoke with a nun from Latakia, Syria. She and her sisters take care of the children in her neighborhood and make an important contribution to the future of the country“. These women and men, these young people, and sometimes even these children, who choose hope in the face of adversity, “let us remember them in prayer and give thanks for the courageous witness they give usconcluded the prior in his meditation.

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Brother Alois: the light of Jesus never goes out – Vatican News

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