Bernard Werber: “Any writer would do well to go on stage to see his audience react” – La Vie Nouvelle

Follower of meditation, Bernard Werber, the author of “Ants”, goes on stage for a concert under hypnosis. Guided by his voice and the five meditative texts he has signed, “Inner Journey” invites the viewer to probe his own mind.

Since when do you invite the public to meditation?

BW I started in 1997, with the release of Travel book. In the context of literary salons, I animated conferences, which were already shows on the principle of hypnotic dives. In inner journey, I explain how I discovered all this. There was a meeting with Alejandro Jodorowsky, who gave me a very striking hypnosis session. I realized that this could be extremely positive. It was then that I wanted to adapt my own texts. I then experienced a regressive hypnosis session and I thought it was better than anything we could have as a trip, because it is not a product but our own imagination which brings us into a trance state.

How is “Inner Journey” going?

BW I share the stage with saxophonist Geoffrey Secco and harpist Francœur. We are very complementary. The music invites a hypnotic dive within which I offer five ten-minute meditations, which go deeper and deeper into consciousness.

Do you have to be used to hypnosis to participate?

BW What I propose is for everyone, even for people who doubt or who think that it will not work on them. In general, it works on 60-80% of the room. I start with a very short meditation which serves as an initiation around mental visualization, then the progress is gradual until communication with your unconscious. The guided meditations invite you to return to your own past, your early childhood, then your past lives, to end with an encounter with the future self who has succeeded in everything.

Why take people like this into daze?

BW My profession is storytelling, it completely defines me. From there, I pursue, in the show, the same approach as in my novels. Except that on stage, I see how people react. I need to see those reactions. I think any writer would do well to get on stage and find themselves talking to the audience to see their reactions. When I do a trial in a novel, I don’t see if it will work, whereas on stage, I see it right away.

Do you claim a mystical side?

BW I was a science journalist for seven years. I am by definition agnostic. Neither atheist nor believer: I don’t know, so I’ll find out. Besides, I have no truth to sell, I only have an experience to offer.

Have you ever been a writer in a past life?

BW No, but I think it’s really great! I will take it up again in the next life, if it is offered to me. It’s a profession that allows endless explorations, in all areas!

Voyage intérieur : Samedi 21 janvier, à 20 h 30, au Théâtre du casino Grand Cercle, à Aix-les-Bains. 

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Bernard Werber: “Any writer would do well to go on stage to see his audience react” – La Vie Nouvelle

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