“Beauty is inside and out”


Defining itself as the “science of the serene mind in the study of the harmony of consciousness” (from the Greek Sos-Phren-Logos), sophrology aims at the development of being and the positive transformation of its existence. . This relaxation technique allows you to get to the bottom of yourself, to get to know yourself better in order to better control your life. Sophrology makes it possible to release one’s true personality, to achieve a harmonious life, because this discipline acts both on the mental and the physical. In practice, a sophrology session starts, in a quiet place, with a series of questions asked by the therapist to find out the person’s objectives and expectations in order to adapt the support. The session continues with exercises of respiration, relaxation and visualization, and ends with a question-and-answer game to collect the person’s impressions and feelings. Awareness of one’s needs and potential then allows to do real work on yourself. Each objective has its own exercises that the patient is invited to repeat at home. Note that sophrology is not an end, but rather a tool to be deployed throughout your life because it allows you to drive out negativity from your mind, to forge a winning mind and to acquire positive thinking, a good self-image, both bodily, mental and spiritual. In a word, to listen.

For who ?

Sophrology is beneficial for children, in case of concentration problems, school failure, sleep disorders, anxiety, phobia or enuresis. In the sports world, sophrology allows you to prepare for competitions, and to recover more quickly. In business, sophrology acts as well on stress management, motivation and self-confidence.

Where to practice ?

Sophrologist Morocco Leila Tahri. 56, corner Bd. Zerktouni and rue Goulmima Res. Jassim 2, No. 21, Casablanca. Such. :

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art therapy

Art therapy is presented as a therapy based on the therapeutic use of the process of artistic creation. Art is put at the service of care to reconnect communication, stimulate the faculties of expression and energize the person’s creative processes. It is about psychic care but also about body care. Aimed at people who suffer from disorders of expression, communication or relationship, Art therapy promotes the overcoming of personal difficulties thanks to the stimulation of the creative capacities that everyone carries within them. Art therapy offers the patient the opportunity to bring out what is inside him, that he does not necessarily know and that he will not necessarily recognize in his work. Because he comes into contact with his most buried emotions, feelings most often repressed. The first stage of this work consists in putting the patient back in motion, in showing the possible paths in front of a white canvas, a clod of earth, an empty stage… Once the process has begun, it is then a question of giving form and approach the patient’s unconscious problems as closely as possible.

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For who ?

Art therapy is for all ages. It brings certain benefits to people who have difficulties of expression and communication or who are victims of certain pathologies causing physical or cognitive disorders. The technique improves confidence and self-esteem, promotes communication and the expression of emotions and feelings.

Where to practice ?

Limani Center for Psycho-somatic Therapies, 39, rue Omar Slaoui, Av. Mers Sultan, Tel. :

Art therapist Irina Belkina.

Such. :

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Yoga is a discipline that is not only addressed to the body, but is also interested in the psyche. It is a psychosomatic discipline that acts on the body but also on the mind through relaxation and breathing exercises which is the energizing element, nourishing our vitality. The movements promote the stretching and relaxation of the muscles. You learn to know your body and its muscles better and therefore to behave better. The general balance is improved and this allows you to face the conflicting situations of everyday life more serenely thanks to a better knowledge and better control of your body and your emotions. Through different postures, the idea sought is that of an inner harmony, a union between the body and the spirit so that the energies circulate freely. Regular practice is recommended (at least once a week in a room and every day, 10 minutes at home).

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For who ?

Physical and respiratory exercises can be adapted to almost anyone. However, the practice of this discipline must be adapted to the age, physical condition and health of the person. Yoga is effective in terms of relaxation since the level of meditation reached regulates the nervous system, calms the mind and helps concentration.

Where to practice ?

Yoga & Therapy studio. 68 Residence Wafa, bd Abdellatif Benkaddour, Racine, Casablanca. Such. :
Om Yoga Marrakech, Mövenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi Marrakech. Avenue Mohammed VI, Hivernage. Such. :
Om Yoga Casablanca, 2, rue Golfe des Comores – Anfa. Such. :

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In the Larousse, meditation is defined as “the action of reflecting, of thinking deeply about a subject, about the realization of something (…)” or like “the attitude of being absorbed in deep reflection: plunging into meditation”. We visualize a form, an image, we use a sound (mantra) and we practice gestures (mandra). The goal is to achieve inner calm to unite or reconcile with the universe. These moments of calm, relaxation and immersion in our self are beneficial for reducing stress, calming anxieties and dispelling fatigue. Meditation helps to regulate the nervous system and calm the agitations of our mind. It also promotes concentration and serenity. Meditation is a quality we all possess. It is enough simply to detach and become a witness, to observe the thoughts, the emotions and the physical sensations which are in us.

The therapeutic virtues of meditation are no longer to be demonstrated, since a regular and followed practice makes it possible to live, constantly, and in the different situations of daily life, in a state of “here and now” or of “full consciousness”. . This is to say the crazy good that can be derived from such an exercise.

For who ?

Anyone can meditate. This technique allows you to find your optimal rhythm, take a step back, improve the quality of your sleep, soothe anxiety and improve your well-being.

Where to practice ?

Damanjot Yoga Center, 41, rue Benbrahim El Marrakchi ex Thomas Bourgogne, Casablanca. Such. :

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Reiki is a Japanese term meaning universal life force. This technique allows us to restore our vital energy when certain parts of our body can “fall ill”. An ancestral psycho-corporal technique based on the knowledge of the circuit of energies, Reiki is practiced by a defined process of laying on of hands on certain specific energy points, and which makes it possible to restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki acts directly on the mantlebalancing energy balance and enhancing the body’s natural healing ability, while promoting overall well-being. This technique relaxes the body and soothes the mind. In detail, Reiki dissolves blocks of energy and promotes the natural balance between mind, body and soul and helps the body cleanse itself of toxins and release stress and tension. Reiki frees the mind, improves concentration, helps to sleep better and relieves pain.

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For who ?

This discipline is for everyone. Pregnant women, hyperactive children, elderly people, sick people, those who suffer from insomnia, migraines or depression. The technique contributes to bring this benevolent and soothing energy and allows to increase its vitality without waiting to be “ill”. Reiki is also practiced in hospitals with children suffering from pain and discomfort.

Where to practice ?

Rabat: Cepru Reiki Center. 61 Oum Errabia Street. Residence Ismail, Agdal. Such. : /

Casablanca: Reiki Center, Residence of the Palace, 7. Ibnou Khatima- Hospital district. Such. : /



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