Arthrocoach App: the support application for people who suffer from osteoarthritis

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] In 2021, Laboratoires Expanscience launched Arthrocoach App, a support web-application that meets the needs of osteoarthritis patients by offering them physical activity, nutrition and well-being programs. Since March 22, the application has been available in the stores (App Store, Google Play, etc.).

Respond to patient needs

Osteoarthritis is a chronic and widespread pathology. It affects 3% of those under 45, 65% of those over 65 and 80% of those over 80 (source: Inserm). It leads to devastating physical, psychological and social sequelae for patients: pain, loss of autonomy and self-confidence, depression, loneliness, feeling of being misunderstood…

Arthrocoach App is an interactive solution for patients with osteoarthritis. It is completely free, available 24 hours a day, and accessible on any type of medium (smartphone, tablet and computer). The application aims to be a true “digital companion” for patients, offering specific responses to their needs.

Aware of the ever-increasing involvement of patients in their care, Arthrocoach App provides them with information, advice and expertise. The application also offers its users programs aimed at eating better and promoting their well-being. Finally, it allows patients suffering from osteoarthritis to come out of their isolation and to weave social ties by joining a strong community of nearly 80,000 members on his facebook page.

Three universes with fun features

In order to meet the needs of patients, Arthrocoach App offers three “universes”. First, physical activity video programs developed by a physiotherapist, according to the specific area to be exercised (shoulders, hands, fingers, wrists, hips, knees, legs, etc.). Second universe of the application: nutrition programs designed by a dietician and available in short and accessible content. Finally, well-being programs offer psychological support in the form of advice articles, meditation-oriented podcasts or yoga initiation videos.

To motivate the user and encourage his commitment, a notification of the progress in the realization of the programs and a system of virtual rewards have been set up. Thanks to this “gamification” (positive messages, quizzes, challenges and badges) borrowed from the graphic and editorial codes of video games, Arthrocoach App helps the patient to get involved over time.

A logbook to share with your doctor

A logbook, visible on the application’s home page, allows users to view updates to their profile and the calculation of their BMI at a glance, to follow current activities, to know the history of their journeys and the curve of their well-being. The evolutions are automatically recorded and dated in the logbook, which can then be shared with the doctor during his consultation.

The Expanscience Laboratoriesat the origin of Arthrocoach, are a Bcorp company and a company with a mission which has given itself the objective of making things happen so that osteoarthritis is no longer a fatality… With Arthrocoach App, it contributes to raising awareness of osteoarthritis, to develop the diagnosis of this disease, and to give patients the means to become actors in their health and well-being.

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Arthrocoach App: the support application for people who suffer from osteoarthritis

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