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After open space (which drives people crazy), coworking (which drives people crazy), home working (which dresses people in pilou pilou), the concept of well working is simple: pamper beautiful people for a subscription commensurate with their inner beauty… And their professional success.

It’s morning. Under a bamboo canopy in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, in what looks like a luxury hotel, you jog from your yoga class to your Ayurvedic follow-up appointment. All before your first Zoom meeting of the day. On the right, the Pilates teacher is busy, on the left the work meeting room. For the cantoche break at noon, you go down to Dana, a plush à la carte restaurant signed by a fashionable chef. No, you didn’t abuse Kombucha last night (which has traces of alcohol due to maceration, you should know), but you are at kwerking. At a time when big companies go to great lengths to bring employees back to the workplace — some with fried chicken, others with subtlety (Hello Elon) — new high-end spaces pamper workers, as long as they have at least €1,800 to pay per year. In short, halfway between a palace and offices with a polished design: welcome to your “well working” space.

Enticing the “creative class” »

Here, in the heart of the “Central Business District” of Paris, at 18 of the very chic rue de Courcelles, we are in exclusivity. We do not hide it. The Kwerk’s 6,000 m² glass and aluminum building, with 550 m² dedicated to well-working and its two group class rooms (yoga, boxing, Pilates), a cardio room, a massage and meditation room, and its rooftop with a view of the Iron Lady, cost 10 million in works alone. It is the fourth space opened since the creation of the group, founded in 2018 by the duo Albert Angel and Lawrence Knights.

Faced with the already existing coworking offer, the couple has positioned itself on well-being as a productivity lever and as a solid selling point for demanding audiences. Because today, like the new gyms where you strengthen your thigh while networking (The hot-air balloon), watching a movie (21 Whitewhose James Bond swimming pool in the basement is enough to slip the blue card into the subscription machine) or lounging in the transparent swimming corridor (SohoHousewhere you only enter by cooptation), Kwerk has chosen a narrative design that combines the art gallery, the wellness center and work, of course.

This shift from tacky private clubs, often reserved for an aging male caste, to more hype responds to the aspirations of the “aspirational class” or “creative class”, dissected in Over-educated generation, the 20% who are transforming France (Odile Jacob, 2021). Thus sports halls become both a gallery, a space for networking and sometimes, all the same, we work there.

Workstyle and habits

Our workstyle is centered on the physical and mental well-being of employees “, explains Lawrence Knights in a column published on LinkedIn. Because today, to lure the customer, you have to at least change his life – a little bit: “ We don’t want to force anyone to do yoga or create social ties with the company that works alongside theirs, but offer the right services to people who want to change their habits. “, explains Albert Angel to an interview given to the lifestyle magazine The Good Life last december.


In short, if you are a beautiful poor person, that is to say that you are not one of the rich (as a reminder, the bar is around €3,700 per month for a single person according to the Observatory of InequalitiesMake an effort), Shark is a slightly more affordable (but still expensive) well-working alternative, with a subscription that gives you access to similar services.

And for the others, will well working become more democratic? In view of the budget efforts on the structure and the program to entertain and keep well workers in shape, we will have to wait a bit. Especially since we are not immune to another big crash at WeWork.

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Are you a beautiful person? You will love well working – DNA

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