Apple Fitness+ offers sleep aids with guided meditation, walks with chef José Andrés and more.

Fitness +Apple’s Guided Fitness service introduces new features, including Guided Meditation to help you sleep, new music with Beyoncé, new walks (Walking time) with actors such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Jason Siegel or chef José Andrés and new coaches.

Apple has been continuously adding new trainers, activities and features to the service since its launch in December 2020. Fitness + lets you train at home, or anywhere else, with video guides you can watch from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. All this combined with the AppleWatch to monitor activity during training, although its use is no longer an obligation as it once was.

New guided sleep meditations on Fitness+.

Recovery and rest times are almost as important as the exercises. At a time when we are hyper-connected, with screens in front of our eyes all day long, disconnecting and sleeping is sometimes complicated.

That is why Fitness+ will integrate, from Monday, January 9, new meditation routines to help us relax and fall asleep a little more easily. To this end, a new introductory guide is also set up with four twenty-minute programs that conclude with five minutes of relaxing music.

The new sleep meditation program is a perfect example of how the iPhone can be viewed – already in bed – as a guide to entering the relaxation phase and thus sleeping better. It can even be listened to in audio version only from the Apple Watch.

The new sleep meditation programs are available on Fitness+ from January 9.

new episodes of Walking time with chef José Andrés, Jamie Lee Curtis and other celebrities

Walking time is a series of podcasts optimized for walking. The idea is to feel that, while walking, you are in conversation with an interesting, well-known and influential person.

Apple will add a list of new people to this activity, including chef José Andrés, Jamie Lee Curtis (True Liesthe saga of Halloween), Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother), Nina Hoss (Tar), Colman Domingo (Euphoria), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Abbott College), among others.

This will be the fifth season of Walking timeThere is therefore a large catalog of podcasts already available on Fitness+ to listen to during long walks. One of the most popular episodes is the one with Prince William, which Apple has made free for everyone, even if they don’t have a subscription to the service. All new content in the series is also available from January 9th.

Kickboxing and new trainers

Fitness+Fitness +

Fitness + also presents kickboxing as a cardiovascular exercise that works the whole body. No additional equipment is required, and there are 10, 20 and 30 minute sessions. The activity will be guided by two new trainers: Jamie-Ray Hartshorne and Nez Dally.

They are joined by two new trainers who join Fitness+. Brian Cochrane for HIIT activities and Jenn Lau for strength activities.

Finally, new workouts are added that dedicate all the music to a single artist. One of them is Beyoncé, with tracks from her latest album, Renaissance. His music will be available for activities such as cycling, dancing, HIIT, pilates, strength training, treadmill and yoga. Foo Fighters will also be available from January 18 and Bad Bunny on January 23.

Fitness+ is available for a subscription of €9.99 per month or €79.99 per year in Spain. In Mexico, it is 149 pesos per month or 899 pesos per year. The service offers a three-month free trial with the purchase of an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Apple TV. Otherwise, a one-month trial is available. The service is currently only available in English, but offers Spanish subtitles.

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Apple Fitness+ offers sleep aids with guided meditation, walks with chef José Andrés and more.

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