Anxiety: meditation would be as effective as medication!

Did you know ? Meditation would be just as effective as medication for treating anxiety attacks! We tell you everything!

It’s official, half of teenagers in France are in psychological pain. Adults also treat anxiety with meditation, which is said to be just as effective as medication! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A very difficult after Covid

Since the health crisis, many people say they suffer from anxiety. Indeed, they find it difficult to get through difficult events. Especially after the confinement which led to a high rate of depression.

It is also the 4th leading cause of morbidity and disability among adolescents aged 15 to 19s. But it is also the fifteenth for 10-14 year olds. But unfortunately, 40% of students do not think about getting treatment.

This is what Quentin Bourgeon of Rêves jeunes reveals: “What often comes up is the gynecologist. The optician and the dentist. It is also a question of priority, health comes after rent, transport or food. »

Before continuing: Taking charge of your health means acquiring good practices. To avoid long-term sequelae. » But that’s not all ! According to the Ipsos website53% of young people suffer from anxiety.

And alone 6% of teenagers dare to talk about their suffering. Hélène Roques, head of Notre Avenir à Tous, also adds that “ the France has been in crisis for more than 30 years. And we are witnessing a basic trend of deterioration in the well-being of adolescents”.

Meditation: the key to curing anxiety?

Anxiety is not easy to live with. People who suffer from it has a constant state of worry. There are also physical symptoms. Like headaches, muscle aches… But also fatigue, insomnia, sweating and palpitations…

This is why many people decide to take medication to treat anxiety. Know that these disorders are often taken care of. So there are drugs (anxiolytics and/or antidepressants) etc…

However, meditation is just as effective. According to a Franco-American study, itIt would also help fight chronic anxiety. This is what researchers studied between June 2018 and February 2020.

Pr. Eric Bui, professor of psychiatry at the University of Caen, then declared to our colleagues from Ouest France. “Showing that the results of mindfulness meditation are equivalent to those of drug therapy” . One thing is certain, meditation is better for your health. EllIt also allows to open consciences.

The only condition for it to work is therefore to believe in it, and to put oneself fully into it. Pr. Eric Bui also adds that small moments of meditation during the day can be very good for you: “four to five deep breaths, walk from place to place focusing on your tiptoes, relax your face musclese… “

It is therefore a very good solution for the French, who have the reputation ofto be big consumers of drugs!

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Anxiety: meditation would be as effective as medication!

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