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Health. The time was at the celebration for the National Association for Prevention in Alcoholism (ANPA) this Monday, September 12. For its 150th anniversary, the structure organized a collaborative race with the aim of covering 150 km over the day. The occasion was also to present the different actions of the ANPA.

Two kilometres, by two kilometres. Everyone brings their stone to the building to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the National Association for the Prevention of Alcoholism and to reach the symbolic objective of 150 kilometres. This Monday, September 12, many people are taking this short course organized by the addiction care, support and prevention center (CSAPA) of Chaumont, a structure attached to the ANPA. At the end of the day, from start to finish, all the participants covered 164 kilometres.

Discovery of the workshops

Starting from the premises of the CSAPA, rue du 14 Juillet, the route passes through the square Boulingrin, then returns to its starting point. At the kiosk in the square, participants stop to discover the various workshops offered by the CSAPA: adapted physical activity, meditation, relaxation, memory, “drinking” and “photolanguage”.

These workshops welcome all types of audience and are not dedicated to a particular addiction. On the contrary, they adapt to everyone. “Adapted physical activity allows you to learn how to occupy yourself differently and to find positive sensations in the body thanks to sport. It has benefits regardless of the addiction in question, everyone can participate, ”explains Pauline Canin, psychologist at CSAPA.

“Everyone is affected by an addiction from near or far. We welcome patients, but also those around them,” emphasizes Laura Lemoine.

Ditto for the photolanguage workshop. “We seek to free speech. Each session has a theme. Photos are shown and participants explain how the images inspire them and how they interpret them. Little by little, within a benevolent group, it helps them to confide. »

“Making the association known”

Once this stop to discover the CSAPA workshops is over, the participants return to their starting point, at the association’s premises, to complete the course. The two kilometers they have just covered are then counted and they can once again chat with members of the association, but also refresh themselves with a homemade juice.

This last point allows at the same time to discover the “beverage” workshop. This activity teaches the basics of making non-alcoholic drinks with seasonal fruits and vegetables. It mainly targets alcohol dependence and eating disorders, without being dedicated to them. Everyone can participate.

“Everyone is affected by an addiction from near or far. We welcome patients, but also those around them,” emphasizes Laura Lemoine.

“The purpose of the day is to make the association known to partners and Chaumont residents,” says Laura Lemoine. The partners of CSAPA bring together all the people likely to refer patients with addiction to their services: social structures, high schools, doctors, companies, legal services, etc.

Julia Guinamard

An association created by Louis Pasteur

“The National Association for Prevention in Alcoholism (ANPA) has existed since 1972. It was created by Louis Pasteur and manages different types of structures and addictology centers”, explains Laura Lemoine, nurse.

Among the latter are addiction care, support and prevention centres; reception and support centers for risk reduction for drug users (CAARUD), or therapeutic coordination apartments. It should be noted that these organizations are not necessarily attached to the ANPA. This is the case of the CAARUD of Chaumont.

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An anniversary for the fight against addiction – JHM

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