Al Prana Art of Wellbeing: Connecting with Self

Our first meeting with Saloua Acharki, the founder of Al Prana is a moment of pure happiness. His words as well as his posture exude benevolence and anchoring in a reality where everything invites the renewal of body and mind. “We have given ourselves the mission of accompanying each and everyone in their own flow in order to reveal their inner jewels, to deploy their full potential for action and creation and thus to become the architect of their life”, says Saloua. The huge room where she receives us is uncluttered and radiates a magical aura. It is also here that the therapist organizes her classes and some of her workshops. The one we are witnessing is organized in homage to the full moon, “to live and honor the creative cycles of the moon”, as the therapist points out. A handful of women, all Yoga enthusiasts, will experience a unique moment. “These are immersions to recharge your batteries, take advantage of a break, and allow yourself to feel the flow of the alternation between rest and activity”explains Saloua.

For more than two hours, participants link movements and postures, promoting purification.tion and absorption of vital energy in order to fully experience their emotions and stabilize themselves internally to face the difficulties of life with confidence, courage and determination. A series of Chandra Namaskar (moon salutation) comes together in a beautiful whole, and appropriate mantras fill the room and accompany each physical posture. “The Full Moon represents the culmination of activity and achievement, a period where a balance is formed between the energy of the sun, and the calm of the moon. Like a subscriptiondance of Prana (life force) is available, is recommended any physical activity or powerful yoga session, to advance a project or to concretize external achievements”, recalls Saloua Acharki. This session aims, among other things, to mobilize the whole body in a gentle way, soothe the mind, harmonize and nourish feminine energy, calm tensions and stress, release creative qualities and awaken our intuition. A beautiful program in perspective!

The rhythms of life

Passionate, dynamic and warm, Saloua gently, attentively and profoundly welcomes and awakens practitioners to the joys and magic of yoga. The session ends with a collective meditation and an introspection of one’s inner background. Fears, blockages and internal brakes are exorcised and overcome and the participants, strong in their new power, draw a better future and beautiful prospects for the future. Guided by Saloua, the participants open up and reveal their feelings and impressions, determined to navigate “with creativity on the waves of the changes and rhythms of Life”.

The exchange between the participants continues in a convivial way on the rooftop of Al Prana which offers a breathtaking view of The Atlantic Ocean. “The female circles are an opportunity to create and offer a benevolent, welcoming, warm space where speaking and listening are respected. We come here to share, exchange, listen, create human ties…”explains the founder of Al Prana.

“AL PRANA- Art of Wellbeing© is originally a yoga practice studio, which I founded in Montreal in 2015. Very quickly, the AL PRANA Center evolved and became a true creator of unifying experiences and various programs, focused on transformation and elevation of consciousness. These experiences are lived in the form of workshops, special events or during retreat stays initiated in Quebec, Mexico, Europe and Morocco”, recalls Saloua Acharki. In Morocco, where she chose to settle, she brought her expertise, her cutting-edge experience and a “unique, invigorating and soothing holistic approach to recharging one’s batteries, rediscovering one’s optimal natural flow over the course of changes, and thus fully welcoming Life”.

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Connect and share

Saloua Acharki’s passion for Yoga and wellness therapies dates back to 1999. Born to a Moroccan father and a Canadian mother, Saloua found, she tells us, “his breath and his way in the practice of yoga, travels, connection with nature and sharing with others”. This search for the meaning of life and the quest on the path to enlightenment have led her to live on four continents, and to go ever further to train in several disciplines and harmonization techniques in North America, in Europe and Asia. Always passionate about exploring the mysteries of human consciousness, Saloua is certified 500H in Yoga Prana Vinyasa, Master Reik-Usui, Vibrational Therapist, Sound-Healer, trained in Yoga Nidra, Fly Yoga, and different meditation techniques… In all , the therapist has accumulated more than 1500 hours in training and advanced courses… This is to say the full extent of the knowledge and knowledge that Saloua Acharki deploys to support all those who aspire to the harmonization of body and mind, to the developmentself-confidence, well-being… “We also offer various tailor-made programs for companies to promote the health and well-being of employees and thus increase the organizational health of the company”, assures Saloua Acharki.

Resolutely placed under the sign of well-being, the AL PRANA-Art Art of Wellbeing center© constitutes a real cocoon to recharge your batteries and draw from yourself the resources necessary to connect with yourself. This transformative experience continues during the immersive retreats “crafted creatively and in total symbiosis with nature, its elements and its sacred cycles.” And it is the Moroccan desert that will host the next retreat organized by Saloua from November 5 to 10, which offers for the occasion a rich and authentic program for a real return to basics.

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Al Prana Art of Wellbeing, Jack Beach Bay, Dar Bouazza. Such. :

Interview with Saloua Acharki, founder of Al Prana

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You are the only therapist to offer healing sessions with Tibetan bowls. What is their story and on what part of the body do they act?

The healing power of sound has been an integral part of human civilization for thousands of years. During the yoga sessions that I teach, or the wellness stays that I organize, the power of sound healing is omnipresent through specific music, mantras, affirmations, kryas or songs…

The impetus to deepen this power of sound healing goes back to when I was in Montreal or in Europe where I had the privilege of experimenting with different techniques. It was during a long stay in Bali with a great master in this field, that I was trained and certified in Sound and Vibration Healing Therapy using Gong, Tibetan bowls and singing. .

The basic principle of sound healing is the concept of resonance (the frequency vibration of an object). According to the science of quantum physics, the entire Universe is in a state of vibration; this includes human beings. Every organ, cell, bone, tissue, and fluid in the body, as well as the electromagnetic fields that surround the body, have a healthy vibrational frequency. When we are out of resonance with a part of ourselves or our environment, we become dissonant and our vibrational frequency can be affected, altered or stagnated, creating internal disharmony. Our naturally healthy frequency becomes a frequency that vibrates out of harmony, creating a breeding ground for disease.

By using the sound vibration in a targeted manner, to fine-tune the body, mind and emotions, the healing sound vibration will gently flow through the body for favorable effects on the structure and health of cells and organs. The rich harmonics take you deep within and trigger states of deep relaxation; seldom experienced by people; where healing becomes much easier. New energies will then be released and self-healing will be mobilized.

It helps to completely relax, sleep better, improve concentration and even boost confidence, relieve depression, fatigue, stress and insomnia.

Some times, more than others, are conducive to meditation, such as the new moon or the full moon. Could you explain this principle to us?

Overall, any time is conducive to meditation. However, nature offers us powerful moments charged with energy according to the cycles of the seasons, the lunar and solar cycles, such as sunrise and sunset, the solstices, the equinoxes….

If we follow the lunar calendar, the new moon represents the beginning of a cycle, a beneficial moment to initiate and initiate a change during the next cycle which will end with the next new moon. It is also a moment that invites meditation, introspection and relaxation.

You talk a lot about female circles and the need to harmonize and nurture female energy. What is it exactly?

Every human being, whether male or female, is made up of the 4 elements of nature and 2 types of energies: Yin & Yang, Feminine & Masculine, Lunar & Solar. The goal in the evolution of our being, is to harmonize and balance these 2 polarities to achieve union and unity.

Each energy has its own qualities. The qualities related to feminine energy are listening, intuition, emotional intelligence, compassion, gentleness, creativity, dedication, calm, collaboration, etc. The qualities related to masculine energy are responsibility, action, strength, concentration, material abundance, authority, control, intellect, etc. These last qualities will undoubtedly echo in your mind the educational and patriarchal system in which we evolve, still focused on the enhancement of the rational and material dimension, to the detriment of that which emanates from the intelligence of our heart, from our great Self. .

Whether we are men or women, we are therefore invited to deploy our feminine energy and thus nourish the qualities of the heart such as listening, benevolence, mutual aid and joy to radiate them in us and around us; and thus co-create a more harmonious, more vibrant and more prosperous world for all.



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Al Prana Art of Wellbeing: Connecting with Self

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