A holistic “head, heart and body” yoga studio has opened in Agen

Lauriane Gonzales is the creator of the Yolyshine center, but also a coach, facilitator and yoga teacher specializing in the positive transformation of individuals and organizations. She opened her yoga studio at 21 rue Duranton in Agen.

Former human resources executive at UPSA, Lauriane Gonzales began to train in coaching, yoga, meditation, to take an interest in psychology and facilitation “based on collective intelligence and team cooperation, we all experienced it at the time of the first confinement and especially at the end, when it was necessary to return to the site, which was more or less well experienced by the employees”.

After the takeover of the company in 2019, the young woman internally matured her project of taking her independence dedicated to well-being. She then took 200 hours of yoga classes and specialized in prenatal yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga. Gentle practices, but also hatha flow and more dynamic vinyasa yoga.

In July 2021, she took the plunge, left the pharmaceutical group UPSA and in October of the same year, opened her studio at 21 rue Duranton in Agen, a refined, cozy place to do good and which gives pride of place to feminine “yin” energy.

Lauriane has surrounded herself with a team of women, speakers such as Marion, Charlène, Soraya, Célia, Carine who is a psychologist and who has her practice at Yolyshine, but also partners who lead workshops such as Élodie reflexologist, Aïno naturopathe. .. The studio also offers lymphatic drainage according to the Renata Franca method. And alongside her yoga classes, Lauriane pursues her mission of business facilitation and support for individuals.

Mantra and benevolence

Yo-ly-shine: Yo for yoga, “Ly because it’s my diminutive and shine to shine to reveal the light and the rough diamond that is in us”. Positive thinking, gentleness and extreme benevolence are cultivated in the studio by the hostess and her team.

For the start of the school year, Mat Pilates classes (with mat equipment etc.) will open and a monthly subscription system will be put in place. For the moment, cards of 3 lessons for the curious, of 10, 20,30 and 50 lessons are available online on the yolyshine.com sign which details the content and schedule of the lessons.

Her mantra is the link between head heart and body, a holistic practice of yoga, Pilates and workshops to harmonize and channel her emotions and the possible somatization of the body.

Lauriane advocates letting go, balance, the importance of vital breath, breathing and releasing emotions. In this, professional exhaustion, mental load, inner conflicts, professional pressure, brakes and fears are to be left in the locker room and to work on yourself in class to strengthen yourself and detach yourself from the negative.

More than physical practice, the studio has therapeutic and rejuvenating aims.

Yolyshine on Facebook Instagram, Linkedin. yolyshine.com

21 rue Duranton Agen (corner of the Ibis hotel). Information on 0787236571

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A holistic “head, heart and body” yoga studio has opened in Agen

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