A formation of the University of Strasbourg pointed in the report of fight against the sects

The Mission of vigilance and fight against sects (Miviludes) denounces in its latest report the excesses of anthroposophy in education and medicine. The University of Strasbourg offering training in anthroposophical medicine, the Mission sees in it a result of the entryism of this current of thought.

The University of Strasbourg likes to stand out. Here it is to be mentioned in the latest report of the Interministerial Mission for Vigilance and the Fight against Sectarian Aberrations (Miviludes) for provide training in anthroposophical medicine. In this activity report for the year 2021, Miviludes indicates that it has been seized 31 times on excesses of the anthroposophical movement, a current of thought stemming from German romanticism, in the field of education of young people and medicine.

Illness as a karmic consequence

In anthroposophical medicine, the report states, “disease stems from a karmic destiny, inseparable from the errors and sins committed by the patient in one of his previous lives. The members of Miviludes then detail a number of mistakes made by anthroposophical doctors: treatment of bipolarity by homeopathy, cancer by injunctions of mistletoe extracts, etc.

The Miviludes activity report also relates the denunciations of the former anthroposophist Grégoire Perra (about whom Rue89 Strasbourg has already written here and the), which explains that many anthroposophical doctors rely on their knowledge of medicine to better hide their opinions, not always in favor of the patient according to the whistleblower. It is this strategy of entryism that worries Miviludes, which notes on this subject:

“The University of Strasbourg has integrated anthroposophical medicine into its continuing education offer. It is thus possible to follow courses in anthroposophical medicine, particularly applied to oncology and rheumatology. The faculty’s website praises anthroposophical medicine on the grounds that it “proposes an extension of the university medicine on which it is based, integrating in its approach the biological, psychological and spiritual levels of man”. »

Visible consequences during the health crisis

The consequences of these beliefs are not inconsequential, the report continues:

“Miviludes has seen the proliferation of comments from particularly virulent anthroposophical doctors during the health crisis. Opposed to any vaccination campaign, anthroposophical doctors have indeed distinguished themselves during this crisis by explaining that Covid-19 was the result, not of a virus, but of an “electrification of the Earth” caused by the deployment of 5G. In some German clinics, anthroposophical doctors have prescribed meteorite dust to cure Covid-19. »

The Faculty of Medicine houses the Institute of Forensic Medicine (Photo Google Maps)

In a DNA interviewProfessor Fabrice Berna of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg, member of the University College of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, believes that Miviludes is an amalgam:

“To point the finger at anthroposophical medicine by saying that it is a ‘medicine at risk of sectarian aberration’ is to make amalgams. It’s like saying that the medical application of meditation presents a risk of Buddhist recruitment or deviance! »

For Fabrice Berna, “it is the role of the university to teach complementary medicine critically,” while deploring that these courses are not widely attended since they were withdrawn from the catalog of professional training. In 2018, the Faculty of Medicine of Strasbourg chose to continue to teach homeopathy despite criticism of its results for the same reason.

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A formation of the University of Strasbourg pointed in the report of fight against the sects

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