7 tips for getting into meditation

According to a study conducted by Yougov, more than one in three French people (37%) have used meditation to better manage their stress, caused by the health crisis in recent years. If you suffer from it too, here are some tips to get started in meditation and take care of your mental health.

1 – Learn about meditation

Although this word is known, sometimes we confuse it with relaxation. These are two different practices. Meditation is not about relaxing or falling asleep, but to observe what is happening around you. Your brain focuses on the present and emotions, in order to reduce stress. It exists different types of meditation (in full consciousness, zen, vipassana, transcendental…), each of which has benefits.

2 – Find a suitable place & make yourself comfortable

If it is possible to meditate in any type of place, it is recommended to practice it in a rather calm and silent place. Avoid noisy spaces and mute notifications from your devices, which can be distracting.

After finding the perfect place, put on an outfit you are most comfortable in. Your whole body should be able to breathe and move freelyduring your session.

3 – Adopt a comfortable posture

Meditation is generally practiced in a seated position cross-leggedwith your back straight and your eyes open and directed towards your feet. Rest your hands on your knees and your mouth may be ajar. Be aware, however, that there is no ideal position, the important thing is to find stability and comfort during your session. If you have joint problems, it is possible to do it on your bed.

“Be seated with the solidity and dignity of a mountain. Thinking of chocolate ice cream? Don’t get up to open the freezer: stay seated, let your thoughts flow. Want to call a friend? Stay still: accept the emotions that go through you, observe them”, advises Fabrice Midal to Top Health

4 – Focus on your breath

To succeed in your meditation session, you have to control and observe your breath. Breathing is, along with posture, one of the pillars of meditation. Thus, after having positioned oneself correctly, focus on your breath leaving it as it issometimes fast, jerky or fluid, until it slows down and becomes more “the anapana”, that is to say the “back and forth of the breath”. Thanks to this, you will observe more serenely what is happening around you and your mind.

5 – Be patient & move forward little by little

Are you expecting immediate results, but still so stressed, your mind quickly disperses and you don’t finish the sessions? It’s normal. Meditation is like anything, it takes practice. Don’t put pressure on yourself to feel the benefits. Go at your own pace.

To begin, you can opt for sessions of 5 to 10 minutes on an app. You will lengthen them as you progress. Do not hesitate either, to salute each attempt you are doing, because they will remind you that you still took a few minutes to dedicate yourself to your well-being.

6 – Establish a meditation routine

Once you have mastered your breath and found your rhythm, integrate this practice into your daily life. It can start with 2 or 3 sessions per week or why not every day. Nevertheless, this routine should not interfere with your habitsit should rather come naturally.

Think about the ideal times to exercise it: rather early in the morning, when you wake up? Or in the morning, after your shower, or after brushing your teeth? Or after the lunch break? It is it’s up to you to choose the moment that suits you best.

7 – Be accompanied by professionals

If despite these tips you can’t do it, don’t worry. Many professionals offer support in meditation. There are in particular dedicated applications, such as Petit Bambou, Mindful Attitude, Insight Timer, Mind or Namatata.

It’s never too late to take care of yourself! Any other ideas for pampering your mental health? Come share them on our forums.

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7 tips for getting into meditation

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