5 well-being experiences to enjoy while traveling

To enjoy and relax as much as possible, Generation Voyage offers you its 5 well-being experiences to enjoy while travelling.

In a society where we often feel overwhelmed, and where daily fatigue often takes too much of a place, knowing how to relax becomes a priority. Indeed, getting some fresh air, enjoying moments with family or friends, recharging the batteries and resting are all important moments to better appreciate your daily life. And for that, it is necessary to take care of your body as much as your mind. Only sometimes, it is difficult to cut yourself off from the world by staying in your usual environment. This is why Generation Voyage invites you to discover these 5 wellness experiences to live while travelling.

These enriching and relaxing experiences will allow you to reconnect with yourself. Whether in the french alps, in the heart of the Moroccan desert or in a massage parlor in Thailand, you will discover how to combine your desires for relaxation and your desires for travel. Believe us, your body as much as your mind will thank you!

So do not hesitate any longer, and discover our 5 wellness experiences to live while travelling. You will come out calmed, and ready to start again on better bases.

1. Meditation in the heart of the Moroccan desert

Photo credit: Unsplash – Patrick Schneider

Imagine instead: the fatigue of your body after a long day of walking, the immensity of the desert under the freshness of the sunset, and the well-being then provided by a yoga session in the heart of silent nature. Here is what you have to offer Explora Project in this meditation stay in the heart of the Moroccan desert. Between hikes, cultural exchanges with locals and yoga classes in the middle of the Sahara, this stay will bring you all the energy you need to recharge your batteries.

Indeed, this experience of well-being while traveling will push you somewhat to your limits, since you will have to roam the desert for a week. But above all, it will allow you to start from scratch, to forget all your ills and to reconnect with yourself. In southern Morocco, from the Draa Valley to Erg Chegaga, you will enjoy treks organized by a local team, meals 100% covered and allowing you to regain your strength, as well as daily yoga classes provided by a vocation professional.

Small note not to forget, it will be imperative for you to be up to date in the “classic” vaccines: diphtheria-tetanus-poliomyelitis, whooping cough, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B. Do not hesitate to talk about it with your doctor before your trip.

2. Wellness yoga hike in Tuscany

Tuscany Yoga Hike

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Alejandro Lafuente Lopez

Here is now, to continue our selection of well-being experiences to enjoy while traveling, an expedition to the heart of Italy, more precisely in Tuscany. Indeed, it is in this beautiful region, known for its wine and its olive oil, that you will escape and discover Garfagnana, the green island of Tuscany, where you will progress in remote landscapes and sleep in refuges typical of the Alpine region.

Alternate between hikes and moments of relaxation and well-being thanks to nature yoga sessions. Yoga sessions will allow you to restore all your chakras, and regain strength for the next day.

With Explora Project, know that all meals will be provided to you during your stay, and you will only have to worry about your relaxation and your well-being, while reconnecting with nature. What better way to enjoy a real moment of well-being, than having to take care of only yourself?

3. Detox cure and collection of natural plants in the Alps

Detox cure and picking in the Alps

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Christopher Moswitzer

This new well-being trip is aimed at nature and mountain lovers! Indeed, if you are eager to exchange a long moment of sharing, to discover the forests, the mountains and the flora of the region of the Alps, then this stay is made for you. Become, during 4 days, the main actors of your life and your journey, in order to fill up with energy.

Thanks to many hikes in the heart of the mountain, discover an unknown universe and go to pick your next dinners. Depending on the season, you will then cook in your cottage, in the evening, blueberries, raspberries, fir, mushrooms and other wonders that nature will offer you… Your culinary experience will then be total, from the first bite of your breakfast to the last spoonful of your dinner.

But since a wellness stay while traveling cannot stop at the foods on your plates, your days will also be full. You will hike every day for about 4 to 5 hours, to conquer the surrounding mountains and finish each day in front of the sublime viewpoints offered by the region. Thus, you will dive into an alpine universe that will push you to reconnect with the energies that surround you.

4. Discovering the benefits of Ayurveda in India

Ayurveda India

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Dmitry Rukhlenko

For many travelers, India does not represent a calm and soothing destination but rather a busy and stressful one. However, this country of a thousand and one charms has many surprises in store, and could become your next destination for finding well-being while traveling. Indeed, by discovering Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, you will get to know remote regions that are particularly soothing.

Ayurveda, considered one of the oldest holistic medicine (body and mind) in the world, is a real culture in India. From food to meditation to breathing, this practice is total. To discover the latter, it is in the state of Kerala, in India, that you will have to go. You will then find many centers that will reveal the secrets of this ancient oriental culture to you, and help you regain control of your body and mind.

In addition, Kerala, located in southern India, is a region particularly conducive to relaxation. Indeed, this land reveals many natural wonders, as well as an amazing fauna. So, by traveling in Kerala Periyar National Park, you promise yourself cultural discoveries, bodily well-being and spiritual reset.

5. Massage between relaxation and tradition in Thailand

Massage Thailand

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Rido

Without a doubt, you must have heard of Thai massages. The real Thai massage is a medicinal blessing and a true ancestral art. It can be intended to treat back problems, blood circulation problems, but also as a remedy against stress or to help you free yourself from your negative energies.

To take full advantage of it, we advise you to get as close as possible to the base of this ancestral art. Thus, we invite you to pack your bags in the direction of Chiang Mai, the third Thai city. There, you will find many Thai massage spots, specializing in techniques from northern Thailand and India.

Thus, you will enjoy a massage with hot pouches, for more than an hour. These small balls of fabric, slightly heated with steam, contain local natural products with many soothing properties. The heat of the balls allows a better relaxation, and promotes your blood circulation. One thing is certain, after such a massage, you can only feel better, in your body and in your mind!

At the same time, you can also enjoy an impressive fauna and flora, between large mountains and wild elephants. The city is also known for the quality of its craftsmanship, and you will have the opportunity to stroll through the heart of colorful markets, with a thousand and one scents.

So, by which of these destinations will you let yourself be convinced to find your well-being while traveling ?

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5 well-being experiences to enjoy while traveling

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