5 tips for successfully relaxing during sex

For various reasons, stress and anxiety can interfere with sexuality and cause it to cause more anxiety than pleasure.

Lex isn’t always fun. For some, it is even the object of all their stress. Complexes, pains, performances… there are as many reasons to be anxious about sex as there are people going through these difficulties. Stress about sex is all the more problematic because it generally generates a vicious circle in which sex life is directly impacted. To try to being able to relax when approaching and during sexthe website Kamaspecializing in sexual health and well-being, has offered a list of tips to apply:

  • Work on the breath : during meditation sessions in anticipation or during sexual intercourse, slow and deep breathing has several advantages. It can slow the heart rate and avoid the rise of anxiety, release tension but also allow you to reconnect with your feelings and the present moment.
  • Relax outside of sex : Stress about sex is usually linked to a high level of stress in everyday life. The experts of the Kama site therefore recommend getting involved in activities dedicated to relaxing us. Walking, sewing, reading, music or stretching are ways to relax our body and mind.
  • Establish the mind/body connection : knowing what we want, what we like, what we desire and what makes us happy is essential in everyday life, but also in sexual life. It is therefore important to ask yourself the right questions and to work on it alone, especially with masturbation, before integrating someone else.

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  • Breaking free from gender stereotypes : to build a healthier relationship with sexuality, it is important to emancipate oneself as much as possible from what is expected by the partner and by society, in particular vis-à-vis the myth of the “giver” or the “recipient”. Sexual life is built and shared, you have to be in agreement with the other and not hesitate to communicate about what you expect.
  • Reconnect with yourself and with others : rather than practicing yoga, meditation or deep breathing individually, it is quite possible to do it in pairs. This form of foreplay of relaxation promotes understanding of the other, of their rhythm and will allow having a sexual relationship in the same spirit of connection and relaxation.


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5 tips for successfully relaxing during sex

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