5 health and wellness gifts for Christmas

Are you looking for a gift idea to stay zen and in great shape? Discover the JDN well-being and health tech selection.

Looking for a gift idea for your well-being? Connected objects, meditation app… Technology competes in ingenuity to help us stay zen and in great shape!

Connected essential oil diffuser

Thinking of giving an essential oil diffuser as a Christmas gift, but did you know that there are connected versions? Thanks to them, perfume or purify the ambient air remotely. There is no longer any need to wait to arrive in a room to diffuse Ylang-ylang, lavender or chamomile there.

Both a diffuser and an air humidifier, the Maxcio model is compatible with the Google Home or Echo Dot connected speaker from Amazon. It is programmable from your smartphone and also responds to voice commands. In black, white or imitation wood, it adapts to any interior. It is also equipped with LEDs with colors and adjustable intensities. The night light mode will also be useful if it is intended for a bedroom. Its price is around 50 euros.

ScanWatch smart health watch

ScanWatch from Withings is a particularly advanced connected watch in terms of health. It measures the heart rate and records the electrocardiogram of the person wearing it. It also provides other indicators on the cardiovascular health of its user such as VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption) and notes respiratory disturbances thanks to the oximeter.

In addition to the usual features of this type of product such as physical activity tracking and GPS location, this hybrid watch (waterproof to 50 meters) has a battery life of up to 30 days. Another highlight? The ScanWatch offers a dial design and multiple strap choices. More elegant than a classic connected watch, this gift is not just for athletes!

Terraillon Aloha light alarm clock

Terraillon’s Aloha light alarm clock is the ideal gift for anyone who wants to have a better night’s sleep. He uses light therapy to help him fall asleep, but also to get up on the right foot. In the evening, its red “sunset” light has the advantage of illuminating without blocking the secretion of melatonin (the sleep hormone). It can even be used with eyes closed in the sleep aid program. By adapting their breathing to the rhythm of the blinks, 2 out of 3 users fall asleep in less than 15 minutes.

In the morning, the progressive diffusion of soft music and blue lights, allow you to wake up gradually and in great shape. And, during the day, this alarm clock also serves as an ambient light thanks to a wide choice of colors that can be adjusted according to your wishes.

The Aloha alarm clock is a smart gift. Thanks to its small diameter and its possible recharging on mains or by USB cable, it can be taken anywhere!

The Oral-B Io connected toothbrush

If the electric toothbrush is regularly found at the foot of the tree, know that it has been possible for a few years to have an electric and connected toothbrush.

What use can this be? To receive advice in real time on your brushing! In any case, this is what the latest generation of connected toothbrushes from the Oral-B brand offers. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a 3D representation of your mouth visible on your smartphone guides you to have a uniform brushing on all areas. Depending on the models, it is possible to follow several brushing modes (daily, intense, gentle, etc.).

For people who tend to press too hard to the detriment of their gums, this toothbrush connected via bluetooth to the mobile application issues an alert to reduce the pressure.

Subscription to a meditation app

Meditation is increasingly practiced to reduce stress, but for more efficiency, the secret is in regularity. Home sessions are therefore necessarily necessary, whether or not in addition to lessons taken outside.

The problem is that clearing the air and focusing on the present moment is not as easy as one might think. It is certainly from this observation that many mediation applications have been born. Among the best known are Little Bamboo, Mind and Namatata.

All of them offer audio guided meditation sessions to help you explore your body and mind. Attention and concentration, letting go, self-confidence… Petit Bambou offers many themes and a new session every day.

Petit Bambou’s annual subscription, for example, is less than 60 euros, but you can also buy a 240-euro gift card for lifetime use. The little extra? With programs for children, the whole family can take advantage of this original gift idea. It’s up to you to decide if this year you will ring the gong at the same time as Santa’s bells!

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5 health and wellness gifts for Christmas

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