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With the arrival of Covid-19 in our lives, my stress level increased considerably and with the first confinement, I had even more free time to worry. Following my quest to tame anxiety, I started meditating. So, for over a year now, I’ve been meditating every day and it’s improved my life so much that I wanted to share my favorite meditation YouTube channels with you.

Dr Sophie Maffolini

Credit:Facebook Dr. Sophie Maffolini

5 years ago, when I heard the word meditation, I automatically told myself that it wasn’t for me, that I wouldn’t be able to sit there and not think about anything. It is often a false image that is conveyed with respect to meditation. For my part, Sophie Maffolini proved to me that, not only does it have nothing to do, but that in addition, everyone can meditate.

Thanks to his 7 day meditation challenge, it’s really easy and accessible to start a practice and to integrate it gently and gradually into our lives. On Facebook, she also regularly offers free virtual guided group meditations. You can also find it on his channel Youtube.

Cédric Michel – Bubbles of serenity

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Then, by dint of practicing, I became good and even meditating became a daily need. Often, I even get up 30 minutes before everyone else to enjoy it; while the whole household is calm and asleep, I can allow myself this little pleasure. It was while browsing for a guided morning meditation that I discovered Cédric Michel – Bubbles of serenity and her smooth, restful voice.

For my part, his approach based on “taking time for oneself, it is to give importance to oneself” joins me perfectly. Like many women, I have too often forgotten myself, even neglected myself, to take care of others and I realize that putting myself in the forefront is beneficial for everyone, including those around me!

Stephanie Dordain

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Credit:cottonbro – Pexels

Although I still really enjoy it, with practice I have come to no longer need to constantly do guided meditations. However, meditating in silence is not for me. Searching through the hundreds of relaxing music channels, I was offered the one from Stephanie Dordain. She not only offers guided meditations, but also hypnosis sessions with sound immersion. I fell in love with his channel.

She also offers podcast episodes on personal development, on finding happiness, gaining self-confidence and also on more spiritual topics for those with whom this resonates. If I had been told that someone would be able to video hypnotize me, I would not have believed it. For me, it works and it feels so good.

And it is thus, so well equipped, that meditating has become a beautiful ritual. I like to settle in my room, sitting in my bed among all my beautiful cushions. Often I close the curtains and light candles and incense. Other times, I sit in the living room with my cats and the rays of the sun caressing my skin through the window. When I have less time, I give myself a little 5 minutes sitting in the car or at the kitchen table. I offer sessions ranging from 5 to 45 minutes. I say “I offer myself” because for me, it’s a pleasure, a gift from me to me. The hardest thing at first was to include it in the routine, because then the need arises and becomes important in the same way as eating or sleeping.

I hope I have piqued your curiosity and I wish you beautiful meditative journeys.

Is meditation part of your daily life?

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3 favorite YouTube channels for doing meditation | BPD Moms

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