12 Scents That Make Us Happier According To Experts

These 12 fragrances distil splashes of well-being to soothe us, reconnect us, anchor us to the ground or make us soar.

The aromachology boom

They can increase self-confidence, boost concentration, amplify the state of relaxation and even improve the quality of sleep… Because the odorous molecules present in the air activate the olfactory receptors directly connected to the limbic system, zone of emotions and memories, scents play a decisive role in our state of well-being. Hence the growing interest in aromachology, a science that has crystallized attention throughout 2021. According to Fabrice LefevreActive Beauty Marketing and Innovation Director at Givaudan: “ The Covid crisis is only the catalyst for a strong current trend: the search for balance and reassurance, which goes through olfaction “. The result of a study conducted by Givaudan also shows that 89% of people are convinced that perfume can have a beneficial effect on their well-being. The expert clarifies: Room scents and candles inspired by the atmosphere of spas are on the rise, to recreate a cocooning atmosphere, which invites you to relax. meditation “. Zen-oriented aromachology is thus interfering more and more in the different spheres of well-being. At Clarins, for example, each cabin protocol begins with “aromatic awakening”, a signature sequence where you breathe in and inhale, in full awareness, Relax or Tonic Oil. The objective: to enter into the treatment through the fragrant benefits of essential oils to establish a connection with the psyche. On his side, Beatrice Boisserie, journalist and perfume expert, initiated a whole new discipline, YOS (Yoga Olfacto-Sound). A multi-sensory experience during which hatha-yoga postures follow one another, punctuated by the sound of vowels and the different scents vaporized in the atmosphere. The goal is to let yourself be guided by the fragrances and the emotions they arouse, to reconnect with your 5 senses. ” There is today a real knowledge of the aromatic and olfactory power, which contributes to the welfare of the person as a whole. We no longer forbid ourselves to relax, it becomes an objective in itself, a discipline that we cultivate “, abstract Cecile PascaraudHead of aesthetic training at Clarins.

Neuroscience at the service of formulas

At Givaudan, researchers are raising the bar for aromachology. The teams have simply developed a tool for measuring well-being, VivaScentz, which is completely new in the perfume industry. ” It has long been known that scents induce emotions. The objective was to understand the functioning of this mechanism through neuroscience, to be able to measure the instantaneous emotion provoked by a scent “, Explain Fabrice Lefevre. Different methodologies have been developed to highlight the smells synonymous with well-being: from the mood portrait technique (associating a scent with an image), to consumer tests, through non-verbal communication analyses. Julia BrooksFragrance Technology Manager at Givaudan, elaborates: “ Our knowledge of the interaction of ingredients with each other, combined with consumption tests and statistical expertise, has enabled us to establish algorithms that give perfumers the possibility of ensuring the emotional benefit of their fragrances, while allowing to play on different olfactory territories “. Creation rules are already patented within the group. And some brands go so far as to claim, in their communication, the use of neuroscience in the development of their perfume.

Towards a holistic perfumery

According to the My Bloom study conducted by Givaudan, 45% of women in France wear perfume today above all for themselves, to reconnect with their emotions, their intimacy and their values. ” Clients are looking for soothing scents that remind them of nature, greenery, plants. We really feel this need for disconnection and well-being, particularly in urban areas. “, precise Cecile Pascaraud. In response, more and more brands are offering fragrances that aim to rebalance the senses. Mizu Brand launches meditative perfumes, Petite Mila relies on energy sprays to purify oneself, The New Cool infuses its bottles with benefactor crystals… Arnaud GuggenbuhlFine Fragrance Marketing Director at Givaudan, confirms: “ We see less and less garish perfumes, but more scents that anchor you, that make you think about your true personality, and not about what others expect of you. “.

1.Neroli Beneficial Scented Water by Roger & Gallet

Inspired by the original Eau de Cologne formula, this truly solar fragrance condenses honeyed notes of orange blossom and an essence of neroli, in a formula with 90% ingredients of natural origin. The effects on the senses are immediate: you feel relaxed, soothed, and slightly euphoric, like after sunbathing. Neroli Beneficial Scented Water, Roger & Gallet, 100ml, 35 euros.

2. Goodbless Insouciance Wellness Water

Each ingredient of this perfume, which bears its name well, has been selected according to its benefits to avoid overwork, free yourself from cumbersome thoughts, and “even reconnect with your child’s soul” according to the brand. Benzoin balances the nervous system, bergamot makes you more optimistic, incense fights against stress… Insouciance well-being water, Goodbless, 10ml, 25 euros.

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12 Scents That Make Us Happier According To Experts

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