10 reasons to start practicing meditation!

Between stress, anxieties and professional pressures, everything seems well prepared to prevent us from relaxing, let alone meditating. The psychological and temporal provisions not being met, the place for relaxation is sacrificed to the benefit of other considerations.

In this article, here are 10 reasons why you should find time for meditation!

What are the reasons that should push us to meditate?

Taking time for yourself is no longer on the agenda. Subway, work, sleep; the day is already too busy to spend time in meditation. However, this time is of paramount importance and allows not only spiritual but also temporal reconnection, and at the same time allows to have clear and organized ideas on future projects.

Meditation is useful:

To not be depressed

According to The Lancet, in its medical journal published in 2015, it is important to practice mindful meditation to prevent relapses of depression. For those who use antidepressants for example, this meditation would be an excellent complement.

A test conducted on 91 women with fibromyalgia shows a significant decrease in depressive symptoms in these women.

To have full self-awareness

Nowadays, we no longer take the time to disconnect. During breaks, on a train, we are always stimulated through our smartphones, for example, reading a message, scrolling on social networks, watching a series, etc. So meditation is essential to reconnect with yourself and the environment around you.

To be happy

“Reports”, through its scientific journal, states that meditation is a major ally that can significantly increase the volume of gray matter in the brain and the feeling of happiness.

To reduce stress

One of the first positive consequences of meditation is the fact that it greatly reduces stress and anxiety. This relief is valid both in healthy people and in those with chronic diseases.

To fight against insomnia

By promoting mindfulness meditation techniques, you will find an effective way to sleep better; especially if the insomnia is caused by anxiety or stress.

To prevent headaches and migraines

In the medical journal Headache, research was published on meditation and how it could help relieve migraine. This test involved 19 migraine and chronic subjects for 8 weeks. The result showed a significant reduction in migraines and their frequency, especially for subjects who followed the mindfulness meditation method.

To control your emotions

Research continues to amaze us about the benefits of meditation! For Paul Ekman, professor of Psychology at the University of California, who conducted an experiment called “the startle”, states that the more a person is invaded by negative emotions, the more he jumps.

Therefore, during his experiment, Professor Ekman equipped the monk Mathieu Ricard with sensors and electrodes before making him hear a loud noise equivalent to that of a firecracker next to his ear. The latter did not move, telling him that he had heard no noise. Great serenity is the consequence of quality meditation!

To decrease tension

Meditation allows us to be in a perfect state of relaxation. And once at this stage of relaxation, the blood pressure drops and the blood vessels dilate. Therefore, it would be useful for better blood circulation.

To avoid burnout

Also called Burn out, professional exhaustion is the consequence of too much stress accumulated in the professional environment. To clarify that it is different from depression. Therefore, by practicing meditation, symptoms related to burnout tend to dissipate.

Meditation costs nothing!

Unlike other practices, meditation is free and only requires time management to practice it in the best possible way.

* Presse Santé strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the advice of a health professional.

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10 reasons to start practicing meditation!

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