Why put a bay leaf under his pillow?

Plants have many virtues, we don’t teach you anything. But, did you know that slipping a bay leaf under your pillow before sleeping has many benefits?

Everyone knows the laurel. In all cuisines of the world, it is found with spices and other herbs, fresh or dried. Main ingredient of the bouquet garni, it deliciously flavors the dishes and we use it without really knowing what its power is. Some initiates, notably the followers of yoga burn it to take advantage of its relaxing effects. However, bay leaves have even more virtues than that. Slipped under the pillow at night, it will do you a lot of good. If you are a tad curious, even a little bit superstitious find out why you should try this trick.

What to know about bay leaves

Fresh or dried, bay leaves have enormous potential. Noble in essence, this herb that comes from the Mediterranean basin has been used since the dawn of time. The laurel has always been seen as a meritorious and precious plant. It is not for nothing that in the general imagination, it is attached to the hitto the glory. As a reference, the baccalaureate, this diploma which symbolizes the Grail after years of study or the famous laurel wreath. We must not forget the origins of the word either. “winner” which etymologically refers to the laurel leaves with which the winners were crowned.

The laurel whose scientific name is Laurus nobilis is a shrub of the family of Lauraceae. There are various varieties, including the bay leafthe noble laurel or even the laurel. When it blooms, the laurel reveals magnificent white flowers and is adorned with black berries. Contrary to the laurels which act as herbs, the oleander and the cherry laurel are they toxic and only serve as ornaments. They are not part of the Lauraceae family.

What are the virtues of bay leaves?

The laurel can be eaten costs Where dried. If you are lucky enough to have the shrub handy, you can take advantage of its aroma and his incomparable flavor. On the other hand, once dried, it is easier to preserve it. It is also in this form that it is most often found in shops. In the kitchen, the bay leaf is used to give flavor to dishes. It is found in several recipes around the world. To take full advantage of all its benefits, however, it is necessary to consume in infusion. Indeed, the laurel is very effective in relieving digestive problems like the bloating where the flatulence.

bay leaf infusion

Thanks to its content of antioxidants, laurel protects the body against the free radicals that surround us. In addition, it facilitates blood circulation and protects against exposure to UV rays. L’bay laurel essential oil is also for this purpose one of the best there is. In the list of its many virtues, the bay leaf is also a beauty secrets women for millennia. It beautifies the skin and the hair, but also the nails. Finally, bay leaf tea is particularly recommended in case of flu or infection.

Why put bay leaves under the pillow?

Beyond its health benefitsbay leaves are attributed spiritual powers, prophetic and energy countless. You don’t need believe in superstitions, you just have to test to realize the effects. Here are 8 reasons why you should put a bay leaf under your pillow tonight.

1. An effective remedy for insomnia

If you suffer frominsomnia and that the lack of sleep becomes particularly difficult to manage, bay leaves just might save your nights. In effect, slip a bay leaf under your pillow at night will soothe your sleep. You will be able to fall asleep in complete serenity and finally be able to rest.

insomniac woman

The laurel has sedative properties, painkillers, antibacterial, antifungals and anti-inflammatories. They will act in concert to reduce blood pressure and heart pressure. You will therefore be freed from your stress and relax, which will positively impact the quality of your sleep.

2. To have premonitory dreams

We’re not claiming you’ll turn into Nostradamus just by slipping a bay leaf under your pillow. In the ancestral traditions Asian and southern basin, the laurel is considered a miraculous plant. When you put it under your pillow, it would help to have premonitory dreams. If you have questions about decisions to be made, it is advisable to write them down in black and white and slip them under your pillow with a bay leaf. During the night, you will receive the answers to your questions in your dreams and will be directed.

3. A solution to avoid nightmares

Bay leaves just like garlic would also have protective properties. Under the pillow, they would have the power to ward off bad dreams and prevent you from having nightmares. It would work for both adults and children. The next time your toddlers tell you about the monster under their bed, reassure them by slipping a bay leaf under their pillow.

4. Protection against evil spirits

For people who believe in parallel worlds and the invisible entities that surround us, the laurel acts as protection. Indeed, it is recommended to surround yourself with it at night to ward off evil spirits and not allow them to harm us. Some even speak of malevolent spirits that feed on positive energies and which are responsible for fatigue and bad mood on waking.

5. To sleep surrounded by positive vibes

Always in the prophetic virtues and spiritual laurel, the latter would have the power to open the mind. Indeed, if we follow the logic that bay leaves help to make premonitory dreams, this confirms the fact that they help to be more receptive to suggestions. In ancestral beliefs, dried bay leaves slipped under a pillow have the power to awaken the inner spirit. This makes it possible to reach a level of spirituality which will distance bad vibes

6. Laurel to attract luck

fresh bay leaves

When your environment is favorable, the good fortune takes up residence in your home. This is a bit about what the law of attraction. To attract luck, it is therefore recommended to sleep at night with a bay leaf under the pillow. In this way, there will be around you only positive vibes and of good vibes. Bay leaves help to strengthen the spirit and help to make it more combative.

7. In order to have better health

In addition to all its medicinal virtues, the laurel helps to be more energetic. Your body and your mind work in symbiosis and you are in great shape. Slipping a bay leaf under the pillow would promote restorative sleep. So you will be able avoid lots of diseases chronicles which are the evils of our time. : stress, anxiety, depression, respiratory diseases, sleep apnea, nocturnal awakenings…

8. To keep small animals away

Finally, if you fear little bugs in your bed, the bay leaf is an unstoppable trick. Indeed, slipping it under your pillow would keep fleas, bedbugs and other unwanted visitors away. Attention ! The laurel makes it possible to avoid them, however, if your bedding is already infested, the laurel, even with its mystical virtues, will not be of any help to you.

So ! Now you know why you should put bay leaves under your pillow. Even if you are skeptical, put aside your prejudices and just try this trick to see the effects. It costs you nothing and you can make your own experience and thus have your own opinion on the subject!

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Why put a bay leaf under his pillow?

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